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Framing Your Failures: How to Turn Missteps into Interview Opportunities

Being able to be eloquent about your failures is a key interviewing skill and helps interviewers know that you’re confident, steady, and risk-tolerant. How can you best discuss examples of ways you’ve tried and not succeeded? Interviewers are not looking for disingenuous, cliche answers such as, “I care too much,” or “I’m a perfectionist.” Neither are they looking for a parade of your insecurities. Discussing your failures is an opportunity to show humility, insight, and growth. Here are three tips to stand out from the crowd when you discuss failure. Don’t shift blame. You made missteps—own your error. Employers are not interested in hearing how everyone around you messed up. They need to s

How is Technology Changing Hiring?

As Millenials have become the largest segment of the workforce, they have accelerated the influence of technology on the recruitment process. In a recent article, Amy Tori discussed the latest trends in hiring, both technological and social. One of the most intriguing ideas she discusses is the use of blockchain to provide clear, unbiased résumés. She explains, “There’s lots of hype around blockchain, but for many industries, including recruiting, that hype might be justified. Blockchain job-platforms have the potential to upend the “dumb data” clogging up job boards and clunky ATS programs. One company, BHIRED, is launching a blockchain platform where candidates can create digital profiles

Are You Ready for These Tough Interview Questions?

Interviews are stressful, but they don’t have to be. Interviews will be intimidating if you view the interviewer as holding all the power. It’s better to view them as a conversation, rather than a chess game. Not only will you enjoy the process more, but you will perform better. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare! Here are four tough questions and the best ways to respond. Why are you leaving your current job? If you are in the job market, there’s a good chance you feel fed up—or at least worn out—with your current situation. It can be tempting to slam your supervisor or company, but resist the urge. You should always frame things positively and this question is an opportunity to discus

Ask yourself these questions before giving honest feedback

Giving someone negative feedback, even when it’s requested, can be uncomfortable. You never know how well your input will be received, and you don’t know what the person will do once they have the information. But people can’t grow unless they know where their gap areas are, says Cheryl Hyatt, partner at Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search. Continue Reading....

Endurance and the Job Hunt: 3 Tips to Stay the Course

The average duration of unemployment is 23 weeks, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Six months is a long time and can feel even longer. When embarking on a job search, it’s important to enter with your eyes wide open and take the long view. You can’t be successful if you don’t know where you’re going. Here are three ways to prepare for the long haul, no matter how long it takes. Establish routines. If you are without work, the open-ended nature of your days can feel like a vacation at first; however, the lack of structure can quickly lead to lethargy or panic. Be intentional about your job search. Make a list of the practices that should be a part of your job search—including taki

Are You Making the Same Mistakes Over and Over?

A lack of reflection and evaluation could be costing your organization. Dr. Rob Sheehan is a friend of Hyatt-Fennell and has recently written on the importance of taking time to take stock: “The frenetic pace of work-life seems to continue to increase. We move from one project to another and multi-task as much as we can. One of the casualties of this hectic pace is—learning from our experiences; yet, we know that future success is greatly dependent upon making sure that individuals, teams, and organizations learn from successes and failures of their efforts.” Read his practical suggestions here.

Search Spotlight: University Registrar

Hyatt-Fennell is assisting in a number of searches for exciting opportunities with colleges and universities. Are you—or is someone you know—looking for a new role? Resurrection University, ( is accepting nominations and applications for the position of University Registrar. The University Registrar oversees a portfolio of responsibilities with a focus on advancing academic initiatives, supporting the academic enterprise through its strong and collaborative relationship with the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, and promoting the overall mission of the University. The University Registrar provides leadership and oversight to all aspects of the Office of the Re

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