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Who Belongs on Your Hiring Committee?

The best hiring committees are robust, yet efficient. They are able to bring diversity and a wide-array of perspectives, while still functioning smoothly. There are a number of people who are automatically excluded: people who report to the candidate should not be on the committee. While the outgoing individual should be involved in the process, he or she should not sit on the committee. Who should? Here are three questions to ask about potential members of a search committee: What do they bring to the committee that no one else does? Your search committee should be composed of individuals of differing backgrounds, specialties, and constituent groups. Ask yourself what perspective they bring

Blind Recruitment Makes Stronger Companies

Earlier this year the hiring platform Indeed implemented Indeed Assessments, skills-specific testing to help them rate applicants for employers on actual skills and help weed out bias. An increasing number of employers are utilizing software to hide at least some information that’s prone to bias, such as an applicant’s name, address, or college, while preserving other hiring-relevant information in place. Blind recruitment can be an effective strategy since bias exists on a subconscious level. By removing this data, a potential employer can more honestly interact with an applicant's qualifications. Blind recruitment, undertaken properly, can help increase diversity in a company. Diversity i

The Importance of Welcoming Faculty & Staff Back to Campus: Three Tips to Do it Right

The beginning of a new school year is a key time to set the tone for the months ahead. Before welcoming students back to campus, be intentional to engage with faculty and staff. Be personal. Don’t just send a mass email. Plan an employee assembly or meal. Attend departmental meetings. Spend some time becoming reacquainted with your faculty and staff. Cast vision. You have goals and aspirations for your institution for the year. Your staff cannot help you accomplish those if they don’t know what they are. You should outline specific goals and also the underlying principles, so everyone can be on the same mission. Express appreciation. Your staff should begin the year knowing that you are in t

Search Spotlight: Dean of Business, Arts and Media

Cabrini University is accepting applications for the position of Dean of the School of Business, Arts and Media. The University seeks an experienced leader who will work effectively on- and off-campus to plan and execute strategic initiatives that advance the mission of the university and the school. Emory & Henry College is accepting nominations and applications for the position of Vice President for Business and Finance. The Vice President for Business and Finance is responsible and accountable for the administration of all financial operations of the College, and as such: develops and implements a financial vision that is consistent with the mission and objectives of the institution; adv

How Well Does Your School Welcome Freshman?

Campuses around the country are gearing up to welcome a new cohort of freshman to college. Students are a palpable presence and their return is an energetic surge in campus life. How can schools creatively and effectively integrate these new freshman into existing student bodies? Dr. Kat Cohen of IvyWise lists five schools that are doing a stand-out job, including the University of Maryland: The University of Maryland in College Park, MD loves new Terps so much they want to get them on campus as soon as possible. Through the school’s Freshmen First program, students have the unique opportunity to start living on campus and attending class weeks before the semester starts. Students who partic

Is Your Organization Being Strategic This Summer?

Beginning a new year with an overall vision and clear plan is vital. In the remaining weeks of summer, here’s some ideas from Dr. April Edwards, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty at Elmhurst College, just outside of Chicago. Elmhurst College just received approval for their new strategic plan in March 2018. We now have changed our focus to planning the activities that will move this plan from strategy to operations. It is very important to me that everyone in academic affairs (both faculty and staff) understand how their work contributes to the success of the EC2021 plan. To that end, we are changing how we set goals and monitor improvements across campus. There

So Boss: Disney Princesses Reimagined as Career Influencers

The role-models we give girls matter. Many girls wanted to be Elsa last Halloween. How many wanted to be computational biologists? Graphic designer and Dad of the Year nominee (at least in our book), Matt Burt has reimagined Disney Princesses as successful career-women. These are women we would like to grow up to be! See all of his creative and insightful illustrations here.

Should You Give Honest Feedback?

We are all asked to give feedback by others. Some are placators, giving generic praise whether it’s warranted or not. Others have a habit of going on a warpath, finding anything and everything wrong in excruciating detail. It’s understandable why many punt: giving honest, helpful feedback is a lot of work. It requires time, attention, and diplomacy. We have four questions to ask yourself before giving feedback. What are they asking? Read between the lines to suss out what they are actually seeking. A request for feedback might actually be someone’s asking for permission, help, or approval. If the sender is actually offering a status-update, listing everything you find problematic about a pro

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