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Can Texting Solve Your Admissions Problems?

Universities are struggling to know the best way to engage Generation Z. These digital natives have grown up on the internet and are believed to be largely immune to traditional print communication. Many colleges and universities are making the shift to text. Lee Gardner dives into this topic in The Chronicle of Higher Education. He explains: An annual survey conducted by Ruffalo Noel Levitz, a higher-education consulting company, found that 75 percent of private institutions and 48 percent of public institutions surveyed in 2017 were using texts to interact with students, up from 61 percent and 31 percent, respectively, in 2015. More than 90 percent of the private colleges texting found it

Are Retirees an Untapped Resource for Specialized Faculty Positions?

With long-term health outcomes improving greatly, many workers who would traditionally be retiring are now opting for an encore career. Encore careers are a second professional life embarked upon after normal retirement age, often with a focus on greater flexibility and giving back to the community or pursuing passions. Given this trend, are retirees an answer to specialized faculty positions? Such positions may allow professionals who would be considering retirement to continue to exercise their skills and passion in their fields, while allowing a more flexible work schedule and an opportunity to invest in the next generation. Is a retiree a good fit for your faculty opening? Three factors

Leading in the Limelight

When you take up the mantle of leadership, you put down your right to privacy. Dr. Joyce Russell, The Helen and William O’Toole Dean of the Villanova School of Business, shares her thoughts on how to maximize the good of this and deal with the downsides. She notes: Once we move into a leadership role, our comments and behaviors are now under observation – whom you talk to, how long you talk to them, what you talk about, what behaviors you respond to or ignore – all of these things are being observed by your employees or others. And, with the fast pace of social media, many more individuals can “tune in” to what you espouse. This loss of privacy can be overwhelming to some leaders and they ma

Three Things You Should Never Do After Leaving a Job

When you leave a job with an organization, your responsibility to that company doesn’t completely end on your last day. Be a stranger. Make an effort to stay in touch. You won’t talk to your former associates every day or every week, but make an effort to reach out several times a year to keep up. You never know when you’ll get the chance to work together again. Bad-mouth your associates. It can be natural at a new job to try to bond through complaining. Resist the temptation to gossip about previous coworkers or a company as a whole. Choose to be positive about what you learned and about how excited you are to be with your new company. Violate an NDA. It can be tempting to think that no one

Show Your Employees Some Love with A New Recognition Strategy

Cupid is everywhere this time of year with commercials on every station reminding you to demonstrate your love with a big purchase. For most Americans, the majority of the day is spent at the office. Do your employees feel adequately valued? This Valentine's Day, why not take a look at your existing employee appreciation approach and improve it with some of these suggestions from Caroline Whitney. Effective employee recognition strategies will encourage both new and longstanding employees. The idea of having a Rookie of the Year is a great way to foster new talent, while recognizing life milestones will build ongoing loyalty with employees through the years. Have you ever been recognized by

Don’t Apply for Every Job: How Over Applying Can Ruin Your Chances

An organization you’d love to work for has several openings. You jump at the chance to apply. But which position? Should you apply for all of them and see what sticks? Not so fast. A moment of over-eagerness could cost you a dream job. Spamming an HR department with five applications will decrease, rather than increase, the chance of a call back. Over-applying diminishes your credibility. You can appear desperate for any job rather than uniquely qualified for one job. It also appears sloppy and unfocused: do you even know what you want to do? By telling a hiring manager that you can imagine yourself in numerous different positions, you do not help your case that you are the perfect fit for o

Posturing for Promotion: Three Tips for Success in 2018

It’s easy to feel like a promotion is a matter of chance or management caprice. We have three concrete steps you can take to make career growth a reality. Ask for feedback. Give yourself valuable information with which to improve by asking for feedback from others. Doing so demonstrates a commitment to growth. Seek input both from peers and supervisors. This does not need to be an onerous request—don’t hand out review forms—it can be as simple as asking, “from your perspective, what’s one thing I could’ve done to make this project go more smoothly?” Take initiative. Management is looking for individuals who don’t just maintain the status quo, but are able to go above and beyond. Don’t just f

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