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How Emotional Intelligence Will Help You Advance

Employers are increasingly looking for soft skills in their employees. According to CareerBuilder, “when evaluating who they will hire in 2017, 62 percent of employers rated the candidate’s soft skills as very important.” Central to your ability to advance is emotional intelligence. Knowing your subject-matter is not enough; you must understand human nature and emotional complexity. Here are three ways emotional intelligence will help: Understand when. In a discussion, when should you speak up and when could you shut up? There is a key difference between taking the lead and steamrolling others. Emotional intelligence equips you to engage in brainstorming sessions and discussions more collab

The Role of College Presidents in Public Relations

The president of a college is the public face of that college and guides the public-relations strategy it takes. A new year is a perfect time to invest in a PR strategy for your college or university. The demands on a president are endless. As you seek to focus your time and be effective, Hyatt-Fennell’s own Dr. Marylouise Fennell and Dr. Scott Miller, president of Virginia Wesleyan University, offer these insights: Be visible on campus. To reach a happy medium of visibility while not overextending yourself, a former mentor and college president coined the term, “tasteful fly-bys,” referring to his habit of attending as many on-campus events as possible, but not staying for the entire activi

What to Look for in a Mentor

Seeking out a mentor is a key way to develop as a professional. Just because someone has been in your field longer than you, doesn’t make him or her a good fit as a mentor. Being thoughtful in whom you ask can mean the difference between a profitable and stimulating relationship, and a waste of time. What are the traits you should look for before approaching someone? Some of the qualities we value most in good mentors are: Expertise. Do they have experience and skills you want to emulate? Openness. Are they willing to listen to what you need or do they just like to talk about themselves and their past? You want someone who is willing to invest in you personally. Wisdom. Fundamental to what w

Should Your Search Committee Include a Student?

The compositions of search committees have been fairly static and many of them look the same today as they did 50 years ago. When you assemble a search committee, who should you invite? Dennis Barden argues that students deserve a space around the table. He hits on one important contribution they make to a search committee: “The reason they deserve a valuable spot on a search committee: they represent the institution as it is experienced in real time. They feel its heartbeat. They get the most important and elusive factor in any search: fit. Students are seldom so swayed by credentials and interview performance that they don’t see straight through to the heart of the matter...and of the cand

Are You Neglecting This Aspect of Your Company’s Success?

Do you want your employees to stay with you for years? Do you want your company to be productive? Then you care about company culture. David Sturt, Executive Vice President of the successful company O.C. Tanner recently enumerated six aspects of workplace culture which he shared with Huffington Post: Purpose means connecting employees to your organization’s reason for being or the difference you make in the world. Opportunity means providing employees the ability to learn new skills, develop, and contribute. Success means giving employees the opportunity to innovate, do meaningful work, and be on winning teams. Appreciation means acknowledging and recognizing employees’ outstanding work and

Female Candidates (and Their Partners) Face Extra Scrutiny When Interviewing

Though women outpace men as higher-education students, in administration it’s a different story. Women only make up about a quarter of college presidents and a third of faculty. A new study indicates that one of the biases a woman faces is the perception that her significant other might not be willing to move for a job. Researchers “found that search-committee members considered ‘relationship status’ when evaluating female candidates but not male candidates. And the underlying assumptions of this consideration hurt the female candidates. Search committees assumed that those with… [significant others] might turn down the offer—even though they were considering candidates who had already been

An Opening for Growth: How Open Positions Can Serve Your Organization

Someone has stepped down from an executive-committee position at your organization. You post a position-description and wait for applicants. And wait. And wait. What happens when an executive committee or cabinet position opens and no one is interested? These roles can't and shouldn’t last forever. If there is an opening that is not generating interest, it’s a key indicator that your organization needs to strengthen its approach to succession planning. Succession planning works to invest in the mission of an organization through communicating its vision and investing in its future leaders. Looking for ways to identify and groom the young talent in your organization? We here at Hyatt-Fennell

How Technology Will Shape HR

Technology is changing the way we do business—including the business of hiring. Forbes rounds up their top HR trends for 2018, all influenced by the way technology is changing employee recruitment and selection. One of the trends that’s gained significant traction, particularly with Millennials’ making up an increasing segment of the workforce, is working remotely. Forbes’ Josh Millet notes, “In the past two decades, the volume of employees who have worked at least partially by telecommuting has quadrupled and now stands at 37%. A significant driver of this stems from VPN technology making it easy to access work systems from nearly any computer. From a corporate perspective, it opens up the

Have You Found the Right Candidate? Three Questions to Ask Before Making an Offer

You’ve sorted through countless résumés, lined up numerous interviews, and one candidate has risen to the top. You think you’ve found the right candidate, but before you make the offer, here are three key questions to consider: Do they fit your company culture? This goes beyond their ability to complete the tasks of the job, but do they resonate with your mission? Are they in step with your approach? Consider the level of formality at your organization, the pace of work, and other important cultural factors. Where are they going? Hiring and training an employee is a significant investment. You don’t want to spend all that time, energy, and money for an individual who sees this position as a

Search Spotlight: Dean, School of Business

Baldwin Wallace University ( is accepting applications for the position of Dean of the School of Business. The University seeks an experienced leader who reports to the Provost and can work effectively on and off campus to plan and execute strategic initiatives that advance the mission of the School of Business and the University. There are three (3) chairs and six (6) directors that report to this position. Baldwin Wallace University holds a reputation for excellence and has been gaining increasing national attention. BW currently appears on top college lists published by Forbes, Money Magazine, The Princeton Review, and U.S. News. For more information and to apply by January 8th

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