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Transformational Change: The Importance of Innovation in 2018

At Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search we are privileged to ​work with skilled leaders. As the new year approaches, we asked what advice they would share with other leaders as we look to 2018. Dr. Anthony Aretz serves as the president of The University of Providence in Great Falls, Montana. Dr. Aretz shared with us about the importance of innovation and change: ​"​I have become convinced, more than ever, that incremental change will not provide the net revenue needed for smaller institutions operating at the margin to be successful. Even with all the financial and leadership help the University of Providence is receiving from Providence St. Joseph Health, this university is being challenged to

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An excerpt from Harvard Graduate School of Education Dean James Ryan’s Presentation of Diplomas and Certificates, a speech so special that we thought you’d enjoy viewing and sharing (again and again) as an inspiring way to ring in 2018. Dean Ryan’s Five Essential Questions of Life are words to live by - and may they serve you well as we begin a new year full of understanding, curiosity, progress, empathy and purpose.

Hoping for a Job Change in 2018? Here are 4 Resolutions You Need to Make:

As the year draws to a close, it’s natural to reflect on where you’ve been and look to what’s to come. Are you looking for a job change in 2018? Be strategic in your planning. Here are some resolutions that can help you get there: Résumé refresh. Spend some time updating your résumé so that it’s current and ready in the event you need it (Check out our most recent post for tips!). This will not only render a good outcome, but the process of reviewing your professional career will be helpful as you consider what’s next. LinkedIn Tune-up. Take your updated résumé and make sure that your LinkedIn profile is current. Be sure you have a professional photo. Ask a few associates if they’d be willin

Résumé Refresh: A Best Practice for End of the Year

The end of the year has a built-in rhythm of taking stock and making plans for the coming year. We scrutinize habits, evaluate goals, and explore intentions. As you are thinking about your personal health, take some time also to foster your professional health by dusting off your résumé. The best time to update your résumé is before you need it! By making periodic changes and updates, your content stays more accurate and descriptions more vibrant. Your 2018 resolutions should include professional resolutions. Allow your goals for the future to be informed by your growth in the past. Pull out your résumé and evaluate these areas: Current content. Start at the most basic: are your phone number

Brain-mapping: Can Your Brain Tell You What Career Is Right?

Neuroscience is shedding new light on everything from how to treat addiction to why laughter is contagious. Does it also hold the key to what career you’re cut out for? Dr. Alok K Mishra thinks so. Dr. Mishra started the Brain Behaviour Research Foundation of India (BBRFI), which is seeking a patent on 4D Brain Analysis. 4D Brain Analysis combines Brain-mapping, DNA mapping, biological mapping, and psychological mapping to get a better sense of fitness for a career. Read the whole story here. Do you think you see the world uniquely? Does it enhance your job performance? We want to hear your thoughts on social media.

Making Your First 120 Days as a President Count

You only get one chance at a first impression. Research has again and again shown that how you are perceived at the beginning sets a tone for years to come. The importance of getting off on the right foot is compounded when you are steering an entire organization. Hyatt-Fennell’s Marylouise Fennell and Scott Miller, president of Virginia Wesleyan University, were recently published in the July/August issue of College & Planning Management addressing the topic of a president’s first 120 days. One of their best pieces of advice is to schedule an institutional review: New presidents are besieged with requests and counsel from faculty, staff, donors, volunteer leadership and alumni; not all advi

Meetings Are a Waste of Time: 3 Suggestions to Rescue Your Meetings from Inefficiency

Kevin Gannon recently wrote in his article entitled, Why We Hate Our Own Meetings: “Lamentations about meetings are a constant presence in academic conversations. Who among us hasn’t wailed something along the lines of, ‘If I didn’t have all these damn meetings, I could actually get some research/writing/grading/anything done?’ As one of my colleagues often laments, ‘They’re meeting us into submission.’” Meetings can feel like a profound waste of time. They often are. But they don’t have to be. Here are three strategies to move your meetings from wasteful to working: Have a clear agenda. Ask yourself, “do we really need a meeting?” If the goal is just to update team members, an email will do

External Candidates Need Not Apply?

It’s happened to all of us. You’re in the grocery store and you get a cart with a leaning wheel. As straight as you steer it, it’s always trying to swerve into the shelves. Our own biases can be like that. When it comes to hiring, most organizations either gravitate towards internal or external candidates; however, one approach isn’t appropriate for all situations. How can you tell what’s the best fit for each position? Here are three questions to ask: Who are the key players? Central to where you search for a candidate is the focus of the position. Who does the position interact with? A position within the alumni department needs to have a thorough understanding of the legacy of the organiz

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