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Avoid Embarrassment with these Office Party Do’s and Don’ts

Your behavior at the next holiday party can follow you into your next job, and the next one after that. Behave! Before you sidle up to the eggnog, here are some tips for making the most of your office celebration: Do Attend. Do accept your company’s invitation and enjoy the celebration they are throwing. Go and stay for at least an hour—making a brief, perfunctory appearance can be worse than not going at all. Dress appropriately. This is a party, but it’s a work party. Your outfit shouldn’t look like just another workday, nor should it look like a night at the club. Dress in conservative but festive attire. Have fun! Don’t just talk shop all night. Remember that it is a holiday celebration

Leading the Way forward in Nursing

As Baby Boomers age, nurses are in short supply. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Employment of registered nurses is projected to grow 16 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. ” Shaping the next generation of healthcare providers is an indispensable role. Hyatt-Fennell would like to extend warm congratulations to Juli Daniels, who was named Dean of the College of Nursing at Resurrection University.

Finding Perspective in This Thanksgiving Season

It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine and lose track of our passions and priorities. This Thanksgiving week, we’ve asked some college presidents what they are thankful for. Sister Mary Persico, IHM, Ed.D., President of Marywood University, shared her perspective: “During this beautiful season of Thanksgiving, I am grateful for the ways in which Marywood University students reach out to those in need. Their deep sense of caring for others gives me a glimpse of hope for healing in a broken world.” The energy and enthusiasm of students can rekindle our apathy and realign our distracted attention. How do the students at your college inspire and refocus you?

An Opening for Growth: How Open Positions Can Serve Your Organization

Someone has stepped down from an executive committee position at your organization. You post a position description and wait for applicants. And wait. And wait. What happens when an executive committee or cabinet position opens and no one is interested? These roles can't and shouldn’t last forever. If there is an opening that is not generating interest, it’s a key indicator that your organization needs to strengthen its approach to succession planning. Succession planning works to invest in the mission of an organization through communicating its vision and investing in its future leaders. Looking for ways to identify and groom the young talent in your organization? We here at Hyatt-Fennell

What Are You Thankful for at Work?

November is a month that reminds us all to pause and reflect on the many things we have to be thankful for. Since most of us spend over 40 hours a week at our jobs, it’s important to cultivate professional gratitude as well. We recently asked Dr. Mary Ann Gawelek, President of Lourdes University, what she is thankful for this fall. She shared, “I am most thankful for the faculty and staff at Lourdes who live out our Franciscan mission and student-centered commitment every day. They are simply amazing folks willing to go the extra mile to assure student success. I am personally blessed as their president and the students benefit from this attention and caring daily.“ Located on a picturesqu

Do You Have These Three Traits Needed to Advance in Higher Education?

Want to advance in higher education administration? The executive search pros at HF think you’ll need these three characteristics, above all: Curiosity. Professionals who advance are continually learning and growing. Whether it’s obtaining additional credentials or evaluating how processes work and refining them, successful individuals are never satisfied to stand still; they always want to discover more. Connection. Management inherently has subordinates and higher education administration involves plenty of communication within and between schools. Are you good at forming and maintaining connections? Do you add value to your relationships? Dedication. Advancement will not happen overnight.

Three Gifts for Your Employees that Mean A Lot and Don’t Cost A Thing

The holiday season has begun. Your employees may already be drawing names for their secret santa exchange. What is your role towards your employees in this season of giving? While holiday gifts and end-of-year bonuses are integral parts of employee compensation and morale, they are not the whole story. We have suggestions of three simple gifts you can give your employees that cost nothing and are more valuable than any other: Respond to their input. Employees want to know that they are a valuable part of your organization and that their contributions and voice matter. While you can’t change your course every time a concern is raised, taking time to listen to and address feedback—and incorpor

The Advantages—and Obstacles—of Algorithms

Consumer-goods giant Unilever recently decided to ditch its traditional recruitment strategy in favor of an algorithm. Formerly, they would have boots on the ground at eight college campuses. Now the company targets young job-seekers where they spend most of their time: the internet. Targeted ads draw entry-level candidates in, then applicants are screened through online games and invited to submit a video interview before finally making their way to an in-person interview. Kelsey Gee from the Wall Street Journal recently did a story on the experiment in which she observes, “The company has made more than 450 hires across the globe this way since the fall of 2016. Its experiment provides a g

Interviewing After Hours: How Plugged-in Should Applicants Be?

Some jobs require constant connection and some interviewers have taken to texting or emailing an applicant outside of normal business hours to test his or her interest in the position. Is that a strategic approach or a mean trick? Our own Cheryl Hyatt was recently featured in Recruiting Trends, giving her take on this topic. She notes, “Using non-traditional methods of interviewing can take interviewees by surprise. That can be helpful in fields that require creativity, innovation and quick thinking,” adds Hyatt. “However, destabilizing interviewees simply for the sake of doing so is rarely profitable. If you intend to use non-traditional methods of interviewing, it's important that you have

The First Step in Search is Research: Successful Professionals Listen

Hyatt Fennell is an executive search firm and the longer we connect clients with successful placements, the more we become convinced of the integral role of research in what we do. Dr. Marylouise Fennell shares, “reSEARCH plays a significant part in the search process.” A routine part of an interview process is researching the organization you’re interviewing with; however, the research starts long before then. Dr. Fennell explains, “I guess everyone would understand the research of the client, but before that comes the vital research of the type of candidates that are needed for the search.” Careful listening and learning is a hallmark of the entire search process. We listen to what organi

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