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How Is the Organizational Health of Your Institution?

Do you want your organization to survive—and thrive? McKinsey & Company has done long-term research on organizational health and have some thought-provoking insights and compelling take-aways. They’ve found that good organizational health correlates to three-times-higher returns for stockholders. They also observed some trends in successful approaches to organizational health: “We...discovered that companies consistently outperforming their peers generally followed one of four distinct organizational ‘recipes.’ We had already recognized these patterns but hadn’t understood their strong correlation with health, operational success, and financial performance.” Read the four recipes and the res

When Opportunity Comes Knocking

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a job when you’re trying; other times an opportunity finds you. How should you respond if an opportunity lands in your lap? It is always wise to take the meeting to hear more about the opportunity. Even if you have to turn it down, exploring the opportunity and establishing a connection still helps you network for future opportunities. Heather Krentler had excellent advice when she was asked this question on HR Confidential: “It’s one of the ways to maintain an understanding of your own marketability. That you maintain an understanding of what are the demands in the industry. What are the resources at your disposal. What areas are becoming of greater importan

Will a Headhunter Do? Why Executive Search Firms are Head-and-Shoulders above for Universities.

It can be tempting to turn to a headhunter when there is an opening in your college or university. They seem agile and able to fill a position quickly. You’re eager to have the vacancy filled, but before you jump at the chance, you may want to think twice. While headhunters are well suited for some industries, the unique needs of a college or nonprofit are better served by an executive search firm. Our own Dr. Marylouise Fennell shares four things that executive search firms understand: It’s a partnership. Executive search firms understand that it’s not just about getting someone into the position. For a placement to be successful, all parties must win: the university, the hire, and the sear

To Text or Not to Text. Is Texting Appropriate in a Professional Setting?

We live our lives in an increasingly digital age, with shifting social customs. With more connectivity, come more questions—and gaffes. These days, this question can be asked: Is texting work colleagues perfectly acceptable or extremely uncouth? Read the article here or below. Here are some guidelines for when it is and isn’t appropriate: 1. Consider the organization. Texting, for example, is going to be much more acceptable at a tech-savvy start-up than at a law firm. Regardless of the organization, consider any privacy and disclosure guidelines. Take your cues from longer-serving coworkers. Follow norms rather than forging them. 2. Consider the relationship. Texting peers, particularly on

Search Spotlight: Provost

The University of Providence (formerly the University of Great Falls) is accepting nominations and applications for the position of Provost. Reporting to the President, the Provost is the Chief Academic Officer of the University, serves as a member of the President’s Senior Leadership Team, and is responsible for all academic matters including curriculum, faculty and staff hires, faculty development, student academic success, student life, and resource management. The Provost is responsible for the academic budget, leadership of the faculty, and academic program development including community outreach programs, oversight of institutional accreditation, and promoting scholarly and creative a

A Trick that Will Save You In a Video Interview - Cheryl Hyatt Interviewed by U.S. News & World

Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search’s own Cheryl Hyatt was recently interviewed by U.S. News and World Report on how to interview successfully. Skype interviews can be challenging since they lack the in-person rapport of a face-to-face interview. Cheryl has this tip to help you stay focused during a video interview: Take note of how the background appears behind you. You may even want to stage it with a few professional-looking items, experts say. And remember: Make eye contact with the camera, not at yourself or the interviewers on screen. Eyeing your own image makes it look like you're staring down—not the most engaged look for the interviewers. Hyatt even recommends placing a Post-it note over

Cheryl Hyatt Recently Featured in Financial Advisor Magazine

Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search’s own Cheryl Hyatt was recently interviewed in Financial Advisor magazine. She gives 4 questions to ask when considering rehiring a previous employee: What was their past performance? Why did they leave? What have they done in the interim? Why are they applying now? Cheryl notes that “I think skill-sets are critical and the cultural fit of an organization is just as critical.”Read the entire article here.

Search Spotlight: Provost and Dean of the Faculty

Lourdes University, an independent Catholic Franciscan University, is accepting nominations and applications for the position of Provost and Dean of the Faculty. The Provost and Dean of the Faculty will: provide the vision for the direction, revision, and creation of academic programs of high quality offered in a variety of formats; work with faculty to provide timely academic programs of high quality in a variety of formats; supervise Academic Support Center, Career Services, Duns Scotus Library, Information Technology Services and Instructional Design, Registrar, Lifelong Learning, and Planetarium; supervise the following: Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, Business and Leadership, Nu

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