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Are You Making These Email Mistakes?

Email is something we’ve all come to take for granted; however, good email practices are the difference between a well-functioning team and a missed deadline. Fast Company has five ways you could be sabotaging your communication—and annoying your coworkers. Kat Boogaard hits on an increasingly common error: when individuals are responsive, but their messages confuse rather than helping the conversation: You pride yourself on being totally on top of your inbox—incoming messages never go long without a reply from you. It’s great that you’re committed to being so responsive. But it’s important that you also consider the quality of what you’re sending. Are your replies actually pushing the conve

Elmhurst College Receives Recognition for Strong Academic Rank

Elmhurst College in the Chicago area is thriving and people are taking notice. Recently they were ranked by U.S. News #3 in the Midwest for the strength of its undergraduate teaching. Troy D. VanAken, President of the college, remarked, “This category relies on nominations from our 165 peer institutions, so our showing reflects that word is spreading about our excellent academic reputation.” This comes amidst strong growth for the school. The incoming freshman class and overall enrollment are at record highs. The school is on solid financial footing, with fundraising at a 250% increase over the previous year. In many ways it is a challenging time for higher education. Schools that are contin

Born to Network

There are some people who are born networkers. They can feel free to skip this post. For the rest of us, networking requires some intentionality and planning. We loved Manya Whitaker’s honestly about how she approaches networking: I confess that I am not “that” person who knows everyone, attends all the conferences, and has research partners at half a dozen institutions. On the contrary, I strongly dislike talking to strangers, do anything I can to avoid pseudo-intellectual banter, and, frankly, prefer to work alone. That’s why it’s all the more important that I have a strong and effective professional network. Read her suggestions in her article here.

How a New Boss Can Be a Fresh Start

A change in leadership can feel disruptive to your life at work. Disruption is a powerful force that can be harnessed for good. It can be tempting to focus on the ways a new boss will upset your routine—which might be just what you need. Here are five ways to embrace this change and let it propel you forward. Welcome. Take time to sincerely express to your boss that you look forward to working with him or her. Be genuine and warm, but don’t over do it. People can smell when you’re disingenuous from a mile away. Communicate. Your new supervisor doesn’t know you or completely understand how your department works. Being conscientious to be clear in communication will keep things running smoothl

Are Your Employees Unhappy?

As a supervisor, you are not privy to some of the workplace chatter that could best clue you in to office morale. So how can you take the pulse of how your employees are doing and if you need to address problems? We break down what to watch for and what to do. Three signs: Frequent turn-over. Has employee tenure shrunk? Are long-time employees leaving and new hires not sticking around? While some staff attrition is normal, a spike is a key indicator to notice. Burnout. Are the employees who are sticking around stressed? Are tempers quick and employees exhausted, physically or emotionally? Decreased productivity. Are your employees becoming apathetic when they used to be engaged? If you’ve se

Evaluating a Board Appointment: 5 Questions to Ask

You’ve been approached to be on a board. You are flattered! But, should you accept? There is a lot to consider as you weigh the time, personal investment, and—at times—risk. We have five tips for evaluating a board position to make sure it’s right for you. What is your connection to the organization? Being on a board involves significant time and effort. You should only consider board appointments if you’re passionate about the mission of the organization. How much time to do you have? A good opportunity at the wrong time is a bad opportunity. Consider the amount of time you have to devote to the work involved as well as your availability to travel. What else will flourish? Does serving on a

Finding a new job can be hard.

Finding a new job can be hard. Turns out leaving an old job well can require some expertise as well. We wrote earlier this year about the importance of transitioning. Daniel Griffith shares valuable thoughts on the best way to leave a frustrating job. He articulates the sentiment we all feel and offers a valuable caution: There are so many things you could do to show your boss, colleagues, or organization how much they will miss you and how poorly they've treated you. Let's face it—you're human. Who hasn't felt at some point in their career an overwhelming sense of ingratitude from their employer and fantasized about retaliating, if only in subtle ways, upon exiting? If this describes how yo

Silver Lake College Seeks President

Silver Lake College in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, takes a holistic view of their students. The school has implemented learning communities to help students transition to college. The cohorts foster community and student-staff interaction, and position students to succeed. “A lot of our students are first-generation students. Learning Communities is particularly important to them. We find out where they’re coming from, their backgrounds, and how they’re progressing,” shares Erin LaBonte, the adviser for the program and co-chair of the Art Department at Silver Lake. To read more about the position and to apply, visit our website.

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