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Looking forward to the kick off of NACUBO’s Annual Meeting tomorrow.

Built around the theme “Currents of Collaboration,” the annual meeting will focus on the power of higher education and the role of the chief business officer in navigating connections and steering diverse teams toward a shared vision for the future. If you’re in Minneapolis this week Cheryl at 724-622-1982 or ​ to discuss finding the right people to power your institution’s future success.

Heading to NACUBO?

Heading to NACUBO? Check out the conference video Embracing Change! Join Cheryl Hyatt as she presents the 2017 Future Business Officers Program on Saturday, July 29, 2017 at the NACUBO 2017 Annual Meeting in Minneapolis. De-Mystifying the Search Process Jerry Farley, president, Washburn University Cheryl Hyatt, partner/CEO, Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search Elizabeth Neumann, managing director, Koya Leadership Partners Randy Roberson, director, strategic initiatives, NACUBO Chief business officers take many different pathways to their positions. Explore the steps to identifying opportunities for career advancement and preparing to interview for a CBO position. Gain an understanding of the sear

To Text or Not to Text: Is Texting Appropriate in a Professional Setting?

Ours is an increasingly digital age with shifting social mores. With more connectivity, come more questions—and gaffes. Is texting colleagues perfectly acceptable or extremely uncouth? We offer some guidelines for when it is and isn’t appropriate: 1. Consider the company. Texting is going to be much more acceptable at a tech-savvy start-up than at a law firm. Regardless of the company, consider any privacy and disclosure guidelines. Take your cues from coworkers—follow norms rather than forging them. 2. Consider the relationship. Texting peers, particularly ones you interact with frequently, is going to be much more common than texting your supervisor. Realize that texting is inheren

Should You Rehire a Previous Employee?

It’s not uncommon when sorting through a pile of résumés to come across a familiar name. If a former employee applies for a position with the company they once left, is rehiring them a stroke of luck or a terrible mistake? One of the biggest advantages to a previous employee is that they are a known commodity: you know their personality, work ethic, and skills. That knowledge goes both ways: they know the company’s procedures, culture, and goals. If a good fit for a rehire, they can offer significantly reduced retraining cost. But how do you decide if they are a good candidate? We offer some criteria to evaluate. 1. What was their past performance? The single most important thing for you

When Opportunity Comes Knocking

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a job when you’re trying; other times an opportunity finds you. How should you respond if an opportunity lands in your lap? It is always wise to take the meeting to hear more about the opportunity. Even if you have to turn it down, exploring the opportunity and establishing a connection still helps you network for future opportunities. Heather Krentler had excellent advice when she was asked this question on HR Confidential: “It’s one of the ways to maintain an understanding of your own marketability. That you maintain an understanding of what are the demands in the industry. What are the resources at your disposal. What areas are becoming of greater importan

Search Spotlight: Dean of the College of Nursing

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing jobs are growing by 19%—a much higher rate than other fields. You can be part of shaping the nurses who will fill the skills-gap in nursing. Resurrection University is seeking a Dean of the College of Nursing. ResU is a thriving healthcare school located in Chicago. To find out more about the position and apply, visit our website.

Plan for Success: 5 Tips for Preparing for an Interview

Preparation is key to a successful interview. If it’s been a while, consider retooling your preparation strategy by incorporating one of the following strategies. Create a crib sheet. While everyone knows the importance of researching a company, there is great value in actually writing down what you find. Our brain interacts with information differently when actively participating then when passively receiving. Through articulating what you find, you’ll be better prepared for the interview and have a resource to review the morning of your interview. Review your résumé. In addition to being clear on the company, spend some time looking over the résumé your interviewers will be consulting so y

Succession Planning Needs To Be Your No. 1 Priority

Forbes reports that “a global survey of 2,300 directors...showed that only 14% of directors had a detailed board succession plan.” One-hundred percent of those organizations will need a succession plan. How does your organization stack up? How can it improve? Stuart R. Levine offers helpful insights in Forbes. He points out, “Boards have been spending a lot of time on strategy over the last few years due to the speed of technology, business disruptors, business activists, globalization, management turnover and economic/political instability. However, equally important for the board’s role is to tackle succession planning, both for the board itself and the CEO.” Read the entire article here.

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