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How Can You Plan for Next Year’s Hiring Strategy?

We here at Hyatt-Fennell want to pause to let all of our partners know how much we appreciate you and to help you plan for the future success of your organization. As the academic year draws to a close, the staff of Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search would like to wish you a wonderful summer and thank you for your partnership this year. As summer vacations and beautiful weather historically slow the campus pace for a well-deserved break, we know that the next several months are often time for thoughtful reflection and critical preparation for the upcoming year. If you find that your plans for 2017–18 academic year include anticipating retirements, recruitment of new, specialized talent, or to pr

With Gratitude to Our Troops

At Hyatt-Fennell we spend a lot of time thinking about jobs. As we enter this Memorial Day weekend we wanted to pause and reflect on the soldiers whose jobs include profound sacrifice for us and our liberty—even the ultimate sacrifice. We would love to hear about the veteran you’ll be remembering this weekend. Please take a moment to share their story with us on Twitter.

Workplace Trend: Data-driven HR Aids Employee Retention

Picture the scene: it’s winter and a blanket of snow has covered your car. Before you pull out of the driveway, you dutifully scrape your windshield and windows so you can see the world around you and safely react to it. Few of us would get in our car and drive if we couldn’t see out the windshield, but organizations regularly cruise through business without data to help them make strategic personnel decisions. Institutions are wising up and there is an increasing trend towards data-driven HR. Consider employee retention: are your employees happy? How long do they stay on average? Why do they leave? Given the high cost of acquiring and training new hires, a small amount of effort to better r

Midcareer Malaise: How to Refocus and Reenergize

You’ve been in your job for years. The initial energy has waned and retirement still feels eons away. Longevity in a career or institution is something to be proud of, but can lead to a case of the workplace doldrums. Here are some ideas of ways to get out of your rut: Inventory. Spend some time journaling on the career progress you’ve made, milestones you’ve hit, and proficiencies gained. Set goals for what you’d like to accomplish in the future. Sometimes understanding a broader perspective can infuse your work with meaning. Write. Your experience has given you valuable insight that you can share with others. Consider writing an article that you could pitch to a trade publication, or start

The Question an Interview Hinges on: How to Prepare for an Eleventh-hour Reveal

On-campus interviews for positions can be protracted and exhausting experiences. Just when you feel that you’ve made it through, successfully showing that you have the traits needed for the position, in a late meeting you’re presented with a whole new set of objectives for the role. Such an eleventh-hour reveal is quite common. Jesse Strycker writes about why it occurs and how to respond. He observes, “You can never discount the fact that certain members of the hiring process have considerations that will carry more weight than others. “ Read his entire article here.

Neumann University Names New President

Congratulations to Dr. Chris E. Domes who has been named the sixth president of Neumann University. Dr. Domes comes to Neumann with three decades of higher-education experience, most recently as President of Silver Lake College in Wisconsin. He remarked, "I am tremendously grateful to the Neumann University Board of Trustees and the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia for placing their trust in me to succeed Dr. Rosalie Mirenda, a nationally respected leader in Catholic higher education. I know that I have big shoes to fill, and I am eager to build on her legacy at Neumann." Dr. Domes will take office in July. Read more on Neumann’s website.

Navigating Industry Lingo in an Interview

Prof essionals are addicted to jargon. Everyone uses acronyms and institutionally specific lingo. This can present a challenge in an interview. On one hand, if you ask, you might seem incompetent or uninvolved. On the other hand, faking it can get you into trouble. When should you seek clarity when someone uses insider terminology? Here are three tips to keep you from being sidelined by jargon: Do your research. There is no shortcut for due diligence. Read about the company. Familiarize yourself with their current initiatives. Know the trade organizations. This is particularly key if you are looking to change industries. Use context clues. While you may not know the specific acronym or term

Overcoming Institutional Betrayal on College Campuses

How to properly address the painful reality of sexual assaults on college campuses is a crisis facing administrations across the country. Edward Ray Ph.D., president of Oregon State University, candidly shares the steps that his university took to move OSU to a more strategic and caring approach. In particular he addresses the institutional betrayal often felt by survivors of sexual assault. He shares: “As university presidents and leaders, we all are acutely aware that sexual assault on college campuses is pervasive. In far too many cases, survivors feel burdened with a sense of institutional betrayal as they attempt—oftentimes alone and without others' understanding or care—to recover phys

Spotlight Search: Dean, Division of Social Science and Humanities

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Are you considering a change of position? Hyatt-Fennell is assisting with two searches you may be interested in: · Dean, Division of Social Science and Humanities (Deadline May 5, 2017) Presentation College, Aberdeen, SD · Dean of Nurse Education & Medical Imaging (Deadline May 12, 2017) Bunker Hill Community College, Boston, MA For more information and to apply, visit

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