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Is It too Late for a Job Change? Why Changing Careers Could be the Best Career Move

A study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College has found that workers who change careers in their 50s are more likely to stay working later. The workforce is seeing a drastic change in flexibility of positions, owing to the influence of Millennials, but this has significant effects on job opportunities for older adults as well who may want a part-time or consulting position. Read the entire story from CNBC.

Panel Interview Preparation: What You Need to Know

Interviews are nerve-wracking. Panel interviews ratchet that stress up another notch. The dynamics of responding positively to a group of people are much different from establishing rapport with another individual. There’s a higher level of unpredictability, which makes preparation even more key. Saundra Loffredo spells out what you need to know to succeed. She reminds interviewees to bring the necessary materials, including a pad of paper for jotting notes and sufficient résumés to give each member of the panel a copy. She highlights how establishing connections is vital: “Be sure to make eye contact with everyone on the panel as you answer questions. The easiest way to do that is to move y

Demystifying Networking: Five Steps You Can Take Today

Some people are born networkers, many of us are not. It can be an intimidating task to the more introverted among us, but it doesn’t have to be. Networking can seem very unappealing: who wants to approach strangers or impose on colleagues for favors? Yet that question betrays a fundamentally wrong understanding of networking. Healthy networking is built on mutual reciprocity. By helping each other succeed, we all win. To be a successful networker, you should not be focused on what you can take, but on what you can offer. Look for opportunities to add value. By doing so, others will be more than happy to help when you have occasion to ask them. If networking isn’t your strong suit (or even if

Cover-letter Caution: Don’t Make a Costly Mistake

The average job-search consists of dozens—even hundreds—of applications sent before securing a position. (At the extreme end, Google has been noted to be exponentially harder to get into than Harvard, hiring less than 1% of applicants.) The sheer volume of résumés and cover-letters makes it high-risk for mistakes. It can be tempting to become a copy-and-paste Quick Draw McGraw, hitting every posted position with your stock wording. This can can have results that are ineffective at best and catastrophic at worst. Companies receive hordes of applications for each posting, only 20% of those, on average, resulting in an interview. You are not helping yourself stand out by using language generic

Happy Easter from Hyatt-Fennell

Warmest wishes for a relaxing and joyous holiday. Spring is a time of renewal and growth. It’s an excellent time to think about your future and future leaders in your midst. Whether you are working on succession planning or planning the next step in your career, Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search is here. Call if we can help.

Duquesne Selects Fevzi Akinci for Dean of Health Sciences

Congratulations to Fevzi Akinci for being appointed Dean of Duquesne University’s John G. Rangos, Sr., School of Health Sciences. Dr. Akinci is an excellent fit for the position and it was a pleasure for Hyatt-Fennell to assist in this search. Read more from Pittsburgh Business Times here.

Is Lack of Follow-through Costing Your Career? Turn Your Digital Calendar into Your Personal Assista

The difference between those who excel and those who coast is not knowledge, it’s action. We all know what we should do, it’s putting that into practice that’s the challenge. And who can blame us? Time and attention are our most scarce resources. There are dozens of tasks vying for our attention at any given moment—with the drone of Twitter and Facebook in the background. Take control by turning your good intentions into successful implementation. Top executives have assistants to remind them of deadlines and make follow-through a reality. While you may not have the overhead to hire an assistant, we all now have many of the tasks assistants perform—automated reminders, centralized task-lists

Search Spotlight: Director of Enrollment Management

Spring has a natural rhythm of looking to growth of new things and evaluating where we are. Perhaps it’s time for a new opportunity for you. Hyatt-Fennell is facilitating searches for the following positions: Director of Enrollment Management (Deadline April 14, 2017) Resurrection University, Chicago, IL Dean, School of Business and Graduate Studies (Deadline April 7, 2017) Mount Ida College, Newton, MA Dean of the College of Nursing (Deadline April 7, 2017) Resurrection University, Chicago, IL

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