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College Presidents: Make a Plan to Show up

Woody Allen said that, “Showing up is 80 percent of life.” College presidents face intense demands on their time and attention and it can be tempting to skip events or send someone in your stead. Every constituency wants you to be physically in the room on important occasions; they don't want your surrogate. What you actually do when you get there—offer a toast, introduce a speaker, tell a quick story to kick off an event—may be less important than your physical presence. Showing up is not just a perfunctory exercise, but accomplishes three things. Shows Investment. Your participation sends a powerful message that you value these people and programs and are committed to working for their suc

How to Respond to a Resignation

A staff resignation is stressful and can even feel personal. Tammy Tierney offers advice on how to respond when an employee gives notice. She particularly cautions against a counter offer—not just for the futility of doing so, but also for the message it sends to your entire staff: “You should assume that at least one other person knows about your staffer’s job search, and likely many more. Do you really want to set a precedent that you’re willing to bid for the continued employment of your remaining team members? Are you ready to face their justified anger that a competitive job offer is what it takes to get your attention?” Tierney goes on to offer an outline for taking an inventory of you

Resumes by Design: Is an Ugly Resume Keeping You From an Interview?

Resumes evolve over time and often lack cohesion and clear focus. Your cover letter and resume are the first impression a hiring manager will get of you: make it count. Here are three tips to give your resume a facelift: Is it organized? Start with the bird’s-eye view. Where do you want their eye to fall? What are the most important things for them to see? Is there flow between one section and another? Most job-seekers are so preoccupied with what their resume says, they don’t think about how it is saying it. Use headers to separate content into sections that reinforce your strengths and your suitability for each job. Is it crowded? It’s natural to want to show your competence in detail, but

Is Finding a Good Job a Matter of Luck?

While no one knows who first said, “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it,” everyone knows that it’s true. Success lies more in strategy than serendipity. When planning for career advancement, what are your lucky resources? Colleagues. Your connections are your most valuable resource for advancement in your current job and future positions. Be diligent to connect with people on LinkedIn after working together. Be invested in others’ success and they will be invested in yours. Make a habit of sending a note of congratulations to associates when they secure promotions or new positions. Integrity. The way you treat others will have impacts on your futu

How to get from Ph.D. to Administration

The Chronicle of Higher Education is beginning a new series on the process of securing a job in higher education administration after obtaining an advanced degree. Jennifer Furlong and Julie Miller Vick begin by dissecting the application process and give helpful information on the process and suggestions for an effective approach. Follow their illuminating discussion here.


"Throughout my career, I've had an extensive professional association with two of the premier academic search organizations, Academic Search, Inc., and Hyatt Fennell Executive Search. Many personal and professional relationships, as well as assignments in consulting and publishing, have derived from working with these top firms. Yesterday, four of us who are longtime friends and professional colleagues visited in a social setting to reflect on industry trends through the years: Jay Lemons, President-elect of Academic Search, Inc.; Cheryl Hyatt, Partner, Hyatt Fennell Executive Search; and Marylouise "Weezie" Fennell, Partner, Hyatt Fennell Executive Search. I chair the Board of Academic Sear

Search Spotlight: Assistant Professor of Education

Bryn Athyn College is accepting applications for a full-time tenure-track position in education at the rank of assistant professor to begin July 1, 2017. This position offers a unique opportunity to serve as the lead for developing and implementing an innovative Master of Science in Education. The goal of the program is to develop teachers who can draw on a deep knowledge base in literacy when making curricular and instructional decisions and who have a spiritual perspective on education. Funding for the development of the program has been secured. For more information and to apply, visit our website.

How to Get the Most out of 2017

Students are returning and classes are just beginning. A whole new year is before us. What things will you do differently in 2017? Here are three ideas to give you a fresh outlook and renewed energy for the year ahead. Review your goals. What is your career trajectory and how does this year fit in? What practices do you need to implement? What connections can you foster? What risks should you take? Put your plans down on paper and make them as concrete and specific as possible. Evaluate your obstacles. Where do you get stuck? What are the tasks that you perpetually put off? In what areas do you underperform? Being honest about our shortcomings is vital to overcoming them. Be honest about you

January Wardrobe Refresh

Post-holiday sales are an excellent time to update your work wardrobe. Adding a few new pieces can boost your confidence. That can make all the difference whether you’re wearing it to an interview, big meeting, or networking event. Here’s some tips to make the most of the sales: 1 Clean house. Take a look at your closet. What don’t you wear? Clear out some space by donating the items that no longer fit or you don’t enjoy wearing. Intentions aren’t helpful. Be realistic about what’s practical for your lifestyle and preferences. 2 Take stock. What pieces do you wear the most? Consider items you should purchase more of and what pieces could complement your favorites. Do you need more slacks?

Partners in Time - Dr. Marylouise Fennell and Dr. Scott Miller at the Council of Independent College

Since the early 1990s Dr. Marylouise "Weezie" Fennell, partner and Dr. Scott Miller, President of Virginia Wesleyan College, have collaborated on a number of books, monographs, columns, and electronic thought series. They are regular columnists for "College Planning and Management" and "Enrollment Manager," and have served as Executive Editors of the popular higher education thought series "Presidential Perspectives" (sponsored by Aramark Higher Education) and more recently "President to President" (sponsored by Sodexo). Pictured this week at the Council of Independent Colleges President’s Institute in Orlando, Florida. Partner, Marylouise Fennell, with Allen Splete, President-emeritus of t

Hyatt-Fennell at Opening Day of the President's Institute for CIC

Partners, Cheryl Hyatt and Robert Head spend time with Dave Armstrong, President of Thomas More College, and Sheryl Head at the opening day of the President's Institute for CIC. Dr. Marylouise Fennell and Robert Head at the Presidents Institute for CIC in Orlando, FL.

Top Tips for Conference Networking

Conferences are valuable opportunities to expand your knowledge and network. Unfortunately, they are opportunities that are too often squandered. Here’s how to make sure you form beneficial connections, not just a clutter of business cards in your briefcase: 1 Reach out to folks in advance. Do your homework. Who is speaking? What are the sessions and events? Tweet about your attendance. Send some emails to folks you know will be there. Reach out to attendees and presenters before they arrive for the best chance to get some face time. 2 Offer something of value. Relationships function on reciprocity. Individuals will be disposed to help you when you have helped them. Host a meetup. Voluntee

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