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LaRoche Names New VP

Congrats to James "Chip" Weisgerber, named Vice President of Enrollment Management at LaRoche College. One of the highlights of working with so many private universities is witnessing their deep commitment to investing in their communities. Recently the LaRoche men's soccer team participated in the second-annual Kicking it with the Kids event at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh. “Kicking it With the Kids included a mini soccer camp and a craft area for the hospital patients. Gifts were distributed to patients who were not able to leave their rooms, and each child received a soccer ball, toy, or keepsake craft. The event . . . is part of Cuddles for Kids, a charity founded in 2006 by La Roc

Know the Search Committee: Do Your Homework before an Interview

When visiting a campus for an interview, most candidates know to do research on the school. Do you stop there? Candidates can be given an added edge by knowing the search committee. Typically, a hiring university will share in advance the members of the search committee. While it’s not necessary to do extensive reconnaissance, a simple Google search and perusal of their LinkedIn profiles will allow you to have an awareness of who they are, what positions they’ve held at which institutions, and any group affiliations. Doing so will be an asset in three ways: Clarity. On a very basic level, in the high-pressure environment of the interview, you will not have to fumble for names. The more you c

Lourdes University Names New President

Congrats to Mary Ann Gawelek, named president of Lourdes University. Lourdes is a vibrant campus that houses the state-of-the-art Appold Planetarium. The Planetarium was recently updated to include sharper projection, gold-standard astronomy software, and music from the Toledo Symphony prior to shows. You can read more on their valuable program here. What assets to the community does your university offer? Tell us your story on social media.

Your Resume Could Get You Fired: Protect Yourself with this Strategy

A strong resume is essential for obtaining a good position. But, the same tool that secures a job could also sabotage it. Successful candidates have had their positions and, much more gravely, their credibility jeopardized by inaccuracies or uncited content. Whether it raises flags that keep you from being considered, or crumbles under scrutiny once an offer has been made, don’t let your professional trajectory be derailed by an inaccurate CV. While some errors are expressions of intentional fraud, the majority are the unfortunate result of carelessness. Here are two vital practices to keep you from falling into this trap: Keep an appendix. You should be able to substantiate any fact on your

NACUBO 2016 Annual Meeting

Cheryl will be participating in the NACUBO 2016 Annual Meeting in Montreal this weekend. Her presentations will be part of the Future Business Officers Program (FBO), which is specifically aimed at “business office staff members ready to gain the leadership skills and organizational perspectives necessary to become a chief business officer. ” Cheryl will be presenting Saturday afternoon on De-Mystifying the Search Process. For more information, visit the NACUBO website.

From Graduated to Hired: How to Secure a Position with a Ph.D.

Obtaining a Ph.D. marks the end of an arduous process. Securing a position with your newly earned credentials is a whole new challenge. How can you most effectively secure a position in academia or the business world? Research the market. Your first step as you consider your next job is to survey the field. Read articles in trade publications. Look at what types of positions are being advertised at the types of organizations where you’d like to work. Ask colleagues about their perspectives and experiences. Understand your edge. With a clear picture of the job market, spend some time articulating what sets you apart. What is your competitive advantage? Develop an elevator pitch and make sure

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy in Your Job-hunt?

Sue Levine highlights the vital role that self-talk plays in a job search. Are you sabotaging yourself before you start? How does your internal script run? If thoughts such as, “I’ll never find a job,” “There aren’t any good positions out there,” are frequent visitors, read her article from Inside Higher Ed to learn a more productive approach.

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