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Exiled Academics Remind Us of Our Precious Freedom

The Fourth of July can easily become a rote holiday more about fireworks or burgers than patriotism. As we prepare the upcoming holiday and celebrate the freedoms we enjoy, consider the plight of others. Times Higher Education recently discusses Syrian academics whose ideas have cost them everything. Read the entire story here.

Building a Senior Administrative Team in Higher Ed

Our own Marylouise Fennell and Dr. Scott Miller were recently published in College and Planning Management discussing the importance of establishing a senior team. We’d like to share some highlights on this important topic. Team-building is foundational for a successful presidency. New presidents must be aware of current culture and not be rash, but make changes to establish momentum that will carry them through a successful presidency. Here are four keys to building a successful team: Look for complementary skills and strengths. High-performing presidents are not threatened by individuals with greater skills. Effective leaders build on their own areas of strength while minimizing their weak

Candidate Derailment: Keep Yourself on Track

Often a promising candidate begins the executive search process and seems to offer many of the skills and strengths employers are seeking. He or she may make it into the semi-finals or even the finals of a rigorous, intensive search. But then, before the offer is tendered, something is said or done that derails the process. Usually it’s an action or oversight that could easily have been avoided with advance thought, preparation, or planning. Such candidates cost themselves and potential employers unnecessary time, energy, and money. Here are some of the most common causes: Resume gaps. Incomplete CVs that are missing basic contact data or dates of employment short-circuit the process before

Can You Successfully Change Industries?

Changing industries is increasingly common as globalization ties not just countries, but sectors closer together. If you are considering a career in a new field, here are areas of consideration to ensure you approach the shift strategically and gracefully. Who: Audience. Thoroughly researching a company is essential for any resume and cover letter. This is doubly important when looking at a different sector. Before applying to a position you must research the industry, company, and position. Ask yourself the hard questions: am I really equipped for this job? Why am I considering the job change? What will be the steepest learning curve? In your research, be sure to cover the following: Jargon

Remember When the BBC Interviewed the Wrong Man?

None of us are immune to errors. All of us mess up. Sometimes those goofs are more public than others, such as the time a decade ago when the BBC accidentally interviewed the wrong person on air! Watch the video for a good chuckle and some perspective that the mistakes you made recently aren’t so bad after all.

Vacation Myths Debunked

Vacation season is here, and so are managers’ complaints. As employees begin to pack their suitcases for trips, we wanted to bust three prevalent vacation myths: I’ll be short-handed. This can of course be true, but with proper planning, doesn’t have to be. Have a time-off policy that allows sufficient notice to cover gaps. Communicate with your team about important deadlines coming up so that they don’t overlap with requests-off. Be creative and encourage employees to take vacations at the end of a large project or during a slower period when there is more breathing room. Vacations don’t help my organization. Far too many employers view vacation time as a necessary evil instead of seeing it

College President at the Employee Picnic: Attendance is Mandatory

Company picnics are valuable opportunities to connect with coworkers in a more casual environment. This is doubly true for leadership. Faculty and employees are familiar with your vision and management, but an employee picnic allows them to get to know you more personally. Here are a few ground-rules: Show up. Attendance is mandatory. If you’ve asked employees to attend, you must be there as well. Relax. Don’t show up in a three-piece suit. Dress appropriately for the occasion and be approachable in your demeanor. Join in. Summer picnics are fun by design. Don’t sit stiffly on the sidelines, but join in the games. Your email will wait—resist the urge to steal glances at your smartphone and b

HigherEdJobs Data Released: It’s a Mixed Bag for Education

HigherEdJobs data has been released for the first quarter, showing gains in education: “The number of jobs in higher education increased 0.7 percent in Q1 2016, the largest first quarter growth since Q1 2013, according to a recent report from HigherEdJobs, a leading job and career site for higher education professionals.” However, the market share is smaller, as is growth from a year ago. Read the whole story here. What has been the hiring climate at your university? Join us on social media to share.

Can you Spot the Future Leaders In Your Organization?

Fast Company has an excellent list of seven ways to identify leaders among your employees, including asking if they are a catalyst or a watcher: “You’ll find people in your organization who make things happen—those who make decisions necessary to take projects to their logical conclusion—while others prefer to watch and wait for things to happen before they are sucked into proceedings. The former have ‘leader’ written all over them. They facilitate project completion by becoming an integral part of the decision-making process.” Read the entire list here.

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