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Inviting Innovation: Hiring Outside Your Industry

When hiring a new leader for your organization, it’s natural to look within your industry and not think twice about it. However, there can be great value to hiring someone from outside your industry. Consider what industries have similar traits to yours and can provide a good base of understanding. When reviewing experience look at skills, not just positions. Here are three benefits to breaking out of the industry rut: They won’t assume the future will be like the past. Experience sometimes renders people immune to innovation. When tried and true methods are not to be questioned, leaders can be blindsided by marketplace changes. They won’t mimic all the other industry leaders. A status quo q

With Gratitude to Our Troops

At Hyatt-Fennell we spend a lot of time thinking about jobs. As we enter this Memorial Day weekend we wanted to pause and reflect on the soldiers whose jobs include profound sacrifice for us and our liberty—even the ultimate sacrifice. We would love to hear about the veteran you’ll be remembering this weekend. Please take a moment to share their story with us on Twitter.

The Vital Difference Between Experience and Expertise

When searching for a new leader for your organization one of the ways that you can get the best—and the best fit—is to focus in on their competence. Many people have performed functions, but that does not mean they have done them well. Just because someone is practiced, doesn’t mean they are proficient. Here are three ways to suss out true expertise over experience: Evaluate their accomplishments. In their time in a role did they show quantifiable results? What growth did they demonstrate? What benchmarks did they surpass? Listen to the way they talk about their experience. Does it demonstrate understanding or just familiarity? Do they exhibit passion? Do they reflect with insight? Notice ho

Cheryl Hyatt was interviewed for an article in this past Sunday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Whether it’s a summer job or a career launch, job search specialist Cheryl Hyatt has a word of caution for aspiring candidates: Don’t get tripped up by small stuff or, more specifically, small talk.Ms. Hyatt has heard some doozies about too-nervous interviewees. There’s the applicant who inquired about the company’s policy regarding employee theft, or the one who sought a $90,000 salary so he could finance his new Camaro. Continue Reading by Clinking the link below.... ​

Is Your Resume Keeping You From Interview Invitations?

Employers get mountains of resumes from swarms of applicants. Does yours set you apart from the beginning or disqualify you from the outset? Liz Ryan at Forbes gives an excellent tool for a resume tune-up to ensure you aren’t closing the doors to opportunity by how your resume presents you. Read her list of resume red-flags here. Did you pass the test?

Boosting Employee Retention: 5 Key Strategies

We wrote last month about the high cost of hiring a new employee. The best way to avoid that significant expense is to keep the employees you have—and keep them happy. Far too often a focus on gaining customers means employers neglect investing in our most valuable resources: the employees that make our mission possible. Here are five ways to improve employee retention: Provide growth opportunities. If there is no upward mobility at your company, your organization will become a training ground for other companies who reap the benefits of the employees you’ve developed. Growth opportunities should not just include promotions, but also skill-development so employees see they are maturing in th

Universities Teach Cybersecurity through Competition

Universities around the country recently competed in the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, which allows students the chance to apply the concepts they’ve learned in the classroom in a high-pressure environment. According to the organizers: “CCDC competitions ask student teams to assume administrative and protective duties for an existing ‘commercial’ network – typically a small company with 50+ users, 7 to 10 servers, and common Internet services such as a web server, mail server, and e-commerce site. A volunteer red team provides the ‘external threat” all Internet-based services face and allows the teams to match their defensive skills against live opponents.” You need only look as far

Physician Assistant Studies Program Openings

University in Fort Wayne, Indiana is seeking to fill two leadership positions in their Master of Physician Assistant Studies program. Academic Coordinator: Master of Physician Assistant Studies (Trine University, Fort Wayne, IN) Clinical Coordinator: Master of Physician Assistant Studies (Trine University, Fort Wayne, IN) Read the full descriptions and apply through our website.

Why Companies Pay Mothers Less

This weekend is Mother’s Day. Though employers cite mothers as having additional skills—such as improved time-management, people skills, and multitasking ability—they are still regularly paid less. One study published in the American Sociological Review indicated a 5–7% penalty per child. We wanted to share this brief interview with Harvard economics professor Claudia Goldin on the gender pay gap and how we can most effectively address it.

Are You Working with Purpose? Make a Goal to Get There

Many of us could go through our work routine in our sleep—but should we? Familiarity doesn’t always breed contempt, sometimes it breeds complacency, which is more pernicious. The best way to restore focus is to take an inventory and set goals. Here are three ways to move forward with purpose: Understand the big picture. You cannot take steps to achieve what you want until you first know what that is. What do you want to look back on at your retirement party? What are the traits you want to guide your work? What are the specific things you want to achieve and areas in which you want to grow? Spend some time taking stock. Write down specifics and keep them in a safe place. Return to the list a

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