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Summer is Coming. What key roles must be in place for campus success this fall?

As the academic year draws to a close, the staff of Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search would like to wish you a wonderful summer and thank you for your partnership this year. As summer vacations and beautiful weather historically slow the campus pace for a well-deserved break, we know that the next several months are often time for thoughtful reflection and critical preparation for the upcoming year. If you find that your plans for 2016–17 academic year include anticipating retirements, recruitment of new, specialized talent, or preparing for succession within the key positions of your management team, we are here to help you —year round—and summer can be a good time to begin. Give us a call! We

Personality Tests for Hiring: Brilliant or Bunk?

Companies are increasingly turning to tests to gauge the suitability of applicants. According to The Wall Street Journal, usage of pre-hire assessments is up from 26% in 2001 to 57% in 2013. Interviewers love them, interviewees often loathe them, but do they work? Lauren Weber explains in the Wall Street Journal the appeal, “Employers can measure and analyze what differentiates their best performers in a variety of occupations—from fast-food workers and retail store managers to insurance agents and nurses—and use the data to create a profile of ideal workers. The tests show how applicants compare.” Whitney Martin argues in Harvard Business Review that cognitive and integrity assessments are

Interview Catastrophe!

We’ve all slipped up in an interview. Ideally, you are able to recover from a gaffe and move on. We’ve gathered a few stories of folks whose fumbles will make yours look mild: “It seemed like a standard interview. There were a lot of questions about my current firm, which was a competitor. The twist was, that when I got home, there was a rejection letter in my mailbox. They would have had to have sent that at least a day before.” When asked their greatest weakness, one interviewee responded, “When someone in the workplace does something that I disagree with, I make it a point to stab them in the back.” Later in the interview he went on to explain his salary requirements were $90k because he

Do Your Homework Before an Interview: Four Essential Areas to Research

Everyone knows research is an essential part of the job-search process. Your research started before you applied, enabling you to customize your cover letter and resume. Now that you’ve secured an interview, it’s time to dig deeper. As you prepare, be sure you hit these four areas: Past. Where has the company been? When and why were they started? Understand any pivots they’ve made. Be familiar with their story and how that’s shaped the organization they are today. What in your experience corresponds to their past? Draw the connections, whether you have a similar experience or are bringing an outside perspective from a different industry. Priorities. What are their mission and values? Are the

The Cost of Hiring: You Can’t Afford to Mess Around

The process of replacing an employee is costly: between advertising, productivity lost both for the employee and those doing the hiring and training, the costs mount quickly. According to Annie Mueller, “even an $8/hour employee can end up costing a company around $3,500 in turnover costs, both direct and indirect.” When looking at an executive-level position, the cost is even higher. “According to Eric Koester of MyHighTechStart-Up, ‘estimates range from 1.5x to 3x of salary for the 'fully-baked' cost of an employee—the cost including things like benefits, taxes, equipment, training, rent, etc.’” Given the significant investment of hiring new talent, it’s vital that employers are strategic

Exploring Immigration at Thomas More College

Dr. James Camp, Associate professor at Thomas More College was recently interviewed on public radio discussing his Mexican-U.S. Border Studies Program. Ciudad Juárez and El Paso provide fascinating cultural and anthropological studies. You can hear the entire interview here.

Competing for Talent by Building Your Employer Brand

As labor market conditions improve and the need for skilled and educated workers rises around the world, organizations are finding it more difficult to attract the best employees. This makes it increasingly necessary to build a strong employer brand. Smart HR professionals are highlighting cultures that incorporate the fundamentals of a great place to work, such as corporate social responsibility initiatives, strong worker safety and security measures, and an overarching atmosphere of respect in the workplace. Far too often an employer brand is an afterthought. We wanted to pass on a valuable resource to you that will help you think strategically about strengthening your brand. The folks at

Employee Bullies: Spotting and Stopping Harassment

A 2007 Study by the Workplace Bullying Institute found that 37% of employees had been bullied at some point in their career. This results in low morale, healthcare costs, and higher turnover. Is your office home to a bully? Here are four signs to watch for: Mistakes are personal. Bullies will find fault with their target, often for unwarranted or fabricated reasons. Criticisms come loaded with value judgements about the employee as a person, not objective discussions of performance. Exclusions are intentional. If an employee is being consistently left out of gatherings or conversations, they may be the target of bullying. Gossip is pointed. All offices have some chatter, but if the rumors ar

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