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Lunch Interview Pitfalls and Priorities

Lunch interviews are odd hybrids of meal and audition. Caroline Potter penned an excellent article about things to keep in mind, including the importance of being relaxed (but not too casual), asking questions of the interviewer, and being kind to waitstaff. Read her entire article here.

How Your Failures Are Your Best Friend

When job-searching the first step is to revise your resume, listing your achievements and successes. Don’t be in such a hurry to present yourself in a good light you don’t put to use the hardships you’ve encountered and failures you’ve weathered. Those don’t belong on your resume, but should be employed in your interviews. People love stories of positive people who muddled through and triumphed over tough situations. Everyone wants to root for the underdog. Hiring managers are no exception. No job is perfect, neither is any person. Presenting yourself as perfect is counterproductive. Showing yourself as someone with the humility and insight to learn from your errors and persistence to overco

Happy Easter from Hyatt-Fennell

Many universities across the country are on break, and we wanted to take a break from our usual posts to express how much we appreciate each of you. Spring is a season of new life and we are grateful of all the new initiatives and adventures we get to witness through all the Hyatt-Fennell partners. Happy Easter from our entire team!

Presenting a Clear Picture in Your Skype Interview

Preparing for any interview involves careful forethought. A video interview may have unique aspects you haven’t encountered through in-person or phone interviews. Here are four tips to make sure the medium doesn’t interfere with the message. Prepare Your Environment. Think carefully about where you will conduct the video interview. A public place is not the right choice: there is too much noise and too many variables outside your control. Ensure the area is free of distractions: your dog should be put away, your phone silenced, and your housemates aware you’ll be conducting an interview. Choose an area with a neutral background and appropriate lighting. Position your computer at a natural he

Growing Enrollment by Improving Your Brand

Enrollment growth is a perennial challenge for colleges. How can universities think outside of tired and worn approaches? Dr. Scott D. Miller and Hyatt-Fennell’s own Dr. Marylouise Fennell were recently published in College and Planning Management. They point out that the heart and soul of the strategies must come from the top: “The president must have an enrollment and student-activity vision, and serve as the primary spokesperson and advocate of the strategy.” They go on to detail numerous practical steps colleges and universities can take. You can read the entire article here.

Encouraging Alternative Spring Break on Your Campus

Spring break is nearly upon us. Many students may be dreaming of the beach, but there is a growing trend of alternative spring-breaks. Instead of going somewhere they can relax, colligates travel somewhere they can serve. There is great value not just for those who receive assistance, but also for the students themselves. Alternative spring breaks encourage leadership development and allow for real-word application of areas of study. Millennials are drawn to meaning and for them self-sacrifice trumps self-indulgence. If you’d like to facilitate alternative spring breaks, here are three ways to get the options in front of students: Present accessible options. Students are already sacrificing

Open Executive Positions

Hyatt-Fennell has two exciting positions to share from our partners. Learn more below and consider applying or passing along to a colleague who might be interested. Vice President: Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities,Washington, DC (Deadline March 28, 2016) President: Lourdes University, Sylvania, OH (Deadline April 15, 2016)

Nurses Needed: Where Will They Come from?

As baby boomers age the stress on infrastructure is seen everywhere from ballooning pensions to the cost of healthcare. The ASPCU highlights the skills gap it’s creating in nurses and healthcare professionals. Does your university have a nursing program? How are they amping up training? Read the entire article here and join us on social media to discuss. @HyattFennell

Interviewing across Cultures

Our workplace is increasingly globalized. This brings deep richness and variety to our teams, yet also presents unique challenges. Interviewing is one such difference to which we must attune ourselves. What are the continuities and discontinuities in interviewing a local professional versus someone from another country? There is an unfortunately dearth of resources on this topic. That is why it was delight to find this article by Choon-Hwa Lim, Richard Winter, and Christopher C. A. Chan from The Career Development Quarterly. They offer concrete strategies, such as the importance of establishing rapport and being aware of potential biases.

Researching a Company: What You Need to Know Before You Interview

When applying to and interviewing with a company, research is mandatory. You can’t formulate your strategy until you understand the personality and priorities of a company. Here are the five bases you need to be sure you cover: 1. What they do. This is square one. You probably have an idea what an organization does or you wouldn’t be applying, but dig a little deeper. For example, if applying for a position with a college, do they offer degrees in addition to undergraduate? Graduate? Post-graduate? Accelerated programs? Who is their target demographic? Being conversant in the scope of services they offer will allow you to follow and contribute as your interviewer discusses what your positi

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