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Let’s Make a Deal: Negotiating a Job Offer

Negotiating a compensation package is a wonderful problem to have! Don’t let your euphoria at being offered a job make you over-eager to accept it. Let these principles guide you: 1. Get it in writing. Compensation packages contain many elements that have a direct impact on your life. Don’t leave it to memory or misunderstanding. 2. Take time. Warmly thank your interviewer for the offer and ask for a few days to consider the offer. Many people worry this will seem aloof or ungrateful, but it demonstrates you are taking the offer seriously and allows you the necessary space to consider your counter offer. 3. Do your research. You may have done some salary research before now. If not, use the

Crafting a Diversity Statement

There has long been a standard packet of information to include in an academic job application: cover letter, CV, teaching statement, letters of recommendation, and research statement. A new inclusion is regularly required: the diversity statement. With the increased attention on the deep and disturbing historical inequality in our education systems, many schools are being proactive. You need to demonstrate that diversity is something you are committed to. Your diversity statement should include three elements: 1. Past experience. How have you learned about and encountered diversity? What shaped your philosophy? 2. Current methodology. How have you assimilated your experiences into your clas

Generation Z: What to Expect as They Come of Age

We’ve talked before about the influence of Millennials on the workplace, but who’s coming after them? Lisa Malat introduces us to generation Z and explores this generation that’s about to land at universities in her article. One interesting shift from Millennials that she shares: “Perhaps contrary to some perceptions, this next generation of students sees a higher education degree as extremely valuable, with 89 percent rating its value as “very high.” Unlike Millennials, who pursue personal fulfillment more widely than financial goals or job titles, Gen Z values college most as a means to secure a good job. It stands to reason then that their number one concern is whether or not they will be

5 Job Interview Tips to Steal From Presidential Candidates

In one telling moment on a January episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," presidential candidate Donald Trump submits to a mock job interview. "I mean, you're running for the biggest job in the world, really the most important job," says Fallon, before picking up a clipboard and asking Trump about his strengths and weaknesses. It's true. Presidential candidates are, in essence, interviewing for one very big job while their constituents serve as hiring managers and interviewers. "We have this huge search going on for our president," says Cheryl Hyatt, CEO and partner at Hyatt-Fennell, an executive recruiting firm based in Pennsylvania. "And the people of the United States, and t

American Council on Education Annual Meeting

In March, Cheryl is thrilled for the honor to be presenting at the American Council on Education Annual Meeting, held in San Francisco March 12-15th. She will lead a breakout session on how to effectively apply for a new position, and is excited to attend. Will you be present? Full details and registration information are below. If you're planning to be at the event, contact Cheryl via email so that you can be sure to connect for some networking while in San Francisco. Date: Sunday, March 13th Time: 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM Room: B2 Level - Golden Gate

Fashion Forecast: Interview Dress Code

This month, couture will rule the runways during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Fashion trends come and go, but interview attire advice is perennial. Here are four tips: 1. Know the company. Context is everything. You’ll dress very differently for an interview as a plumbers apprentice than a history professor. Likewise an established financial firm will expect more conservative dress, while a Silicon Valley start-up will encourage something more contemporary. 2. Don’t underdress. Err on the side of caution. Underdressing communicates you are not taking the position or opportunity seriously. The rule of thumb is that you should dress for the interview a couple steps above what you would wear at

Landed an interview? What to Tell Your Boss

Looking for a position while employed presents some unique challenges. Your excitement at being called in for an interview may be cut short by your apprehension about how to arrange your absence. Here are a few tips: 1. Don’t Overthink It—or Over Explain It. Say, “I need the afternoon off. I have an appointment.” That’s it. Don’t fabricate a story or fuss about how you hope it’s no trouble. Keep it simple and short. 2. Be Aware of Your Nonverbals. It’s natural to feel a little nervous about asking for time off to visit another company, as though you are hiding something. Realize that it is well within your rights to explore your career options. Don’t allow nervousness or defensiveness to co

Legacy Symbols: Important Discussions about Race

Increased attention has come to the use of indigenous people and symbols as mascots for sports teams as well as histories of racism present throughout college histories. Is it acceptable to have a Native American mascot? Who should we name our buildings after? They are important issues worthy of thoughtful consideration. Charles L. Flynn, Jr., president of the College of Mount Saint Vincent, was a historian by education and trade before transitioning to academic leadership. That background gave him a unique and nuanced approach in the statement he issued on legacy symbols of racism and injustice. He states, “As scholars and citizens, we should consider thoughtfully and participate actively

Council of Independent Colleges' Presidents Institute: Resources Available Online

In January, the Council of Independent Colleges hosted their Presidents' Institute, a gathering of university leaders to discuss important issues facing independent liberal arts colleges. The theme of the event was Securing America’s Future: The Vitality of Independent Colleges. Fortunately for us, they’ve made much of the content available on their site. Whether you were present and want to revisit your favorite breakout session or weren’t able to make it and want to watch the videos of the keynote, there is a treasure trove of resources!

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