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Think Like An Employer: Tips for Preparing for an Interview

Many of us have interviewed a number of times and can fall into patterns of preparation. Shake up and strengthen your approach by putting yourself in the interviewers seat. By understanding what they are thinking and looking for, you can better connect the dots on how you are perfect for the position. Study the job description. Don’t just give it a cursory glance to check off the experience you have. Read between the lines to understand what their values are for the position. Understand how you fit in with their ideal and articulate that understanding in the way you answer questions. Do your research. We all know it’s essential to check out a company prior to an interview. Pay particular att

5 Ways to Deal Effectively with Job Rejection

Rejection is an inherent part of a job search: that doesn’t make it an easy part. Dealing constructively with “no” is something we could all do better—good thing we get so many opportunities for practice! Here are 5 tips for when you are turned down for a position. Don’t minimize your disappointment. You may have the urge to immediately put on a stiff upper lip, but not allowing yourself to admit that you are deflated can be counterproductive. Giving yourself permission to be honest about how you feel does not mean you have to wallow. Think through the experience, considering what you expected to happen. This will give you valuable information to move forward. Don’t catastrophize the consequ

Elmira College Named Military Friendly School

Congratulations to Elmira College on being designated, for the fourth time, as a Military Friendly® School by Victory Media, publisher of G.I. Jobs® and Military Spouse Magazine. Partnering with our armed services must be a priority in all aspects of our country, especially education. Well done, Elmira College! Read more details on how they accomplished this here.

Preparing for Hiring Needs: 3 Areas to Inventory

Budget season is fast approaching. As you sketch out your expenses for the coming year, how will you prepare for hiring? What type of talent will you need? Consider what employees you'll need to be successful and fulfill your strategic plan for Fiscal Year 17 and reverse engineer. Here are three key things to consider: Where you have turn-over. Are there areas that continually see shorter employee durations than you’d expect? Once you’ve evaluated internal cultural factors, take a closer look at your hiring practices. Are you recruiting the right match for the position? An excellent employee in a position ill-suited to their strengths becomes a poor employee. Where you see the best return. W

Leadership Lessons from Martin Luther King

As we go into the long-weekend, we wanted to share Adam Toren’s article from Entrepreneur about the leadership lessons from Dr. King. We’ve excerpted two of our favorite quotes below and encourage you to read the entire article. “The same way of thinking always wields the same results. Dr. King never accepted that just because things were a certain way, it made them the right way.” “Dreaming without doing is for childhood. Real leaders have big dreams, take big steps to communicate them, and then they go take big actions!” Monday is not just a day off, but an opportunity to reflect on the life and legacy of an unparalleled leader.

How to Be More Successful at Hiring

Do you view hiring as an opportunity or a burden? We want to pass on this excellent article from Inc online. Lou Adler, CEO of The Adler Group, relates 6 traits of a manager who hires great people. One of our favorite observations: “The best managers are similar to the best college coaches. They know recruiting top talent is the first step in building a great team and they won't compromise on the effort required.” Read the entire list here.

New Year, New Opportunities

If your new year’s plans include a job search, check these open positions: Vice President for Finance and Administration Rivier University Rivier University seeks an experienced and entrepreneurial leader to oversee all aspects of the finance and business functions of the University including controller's office, information technology, financial aid, physical plant, human resources, and auxiliary services of food service and bookstore. Reporting to the President and working closely with other members of the President's cabinet, the VPFA plays a key role in the implementation of the University's strategic initiatives, partnerships and fulfillment of Rivier's core mission of "Transforming hea

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