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The Unseen Interview: Preparing for Casual Conversations before and after the Formal Interview

Interviewing can be a nerve-wracking process. In your focus on preparing for the questions and presentations, don’t make the costly mistake of seeing only the formal interview—your potential employer certainly won’t! Think of a job interview like a book: though the main chapters are the substance, the preface and conclusion give important information to guide your experience. Here are some of the questions interviewers will be reading there: How do you handle unfamiliar situations? In an interview you are out of your element. Are you able to adapt and engage? Are you threatened by change or do you thrive on the challenge? Are you distracted in a different environment or able to be fully pres

Four Ways to Express Thankfulness for Your Employees

Thanksgiving instills an excellent rhythm of reflecting on the many ways we are blessed. In the workplace, appreciating employees is something we all know we should be doing, but with so much vying for our attention, it can become an afterthought—if we think of it at all. Effectively valuing employees boosts morale and can result in better work performance and employee retention. Monetary appreciation is important, but it isn’t the only way. Bonuses can often fall flat if they are the only way you are rewarding your employees. Below are four ways to show how grateful you are for your staff. Value their development. Show you value your employees by investing in their growth. Make yourself ava

Y it Matters: Millennials in the Workforce

Today one in three members of the workforce is a Millennial (those born between 1980-2000). By 2030, the number will have climbed to three out of four employees. As Generation Y assumes more leadership roles in companies, what are the differences in this generation's values and what are the organizational implications? Authenticity. Millennials have a deep value of authenticity. They want to be doing something meaningful. Part of finding a sense of purpose in their work is understanding their contribution to a team. They don’t just want to know what to do, but why it matters. How are vision and values articulated at your company? What performance measures do you use? Connection. Relationship

Relocating: 5 Tips for Applying for a Job in Another City

In our increasingly mobile world, relocation is becoming more commonplace. There are some unique challenges when looking for a job in another city, but they are by no means insurmountable. Whether you are moving across the country or around the world, here are 5 tips to help you with a long-distance search: Be patient. Finding a new job takes time and relocation adds an additional complication. Realize that the process may take slightly longer, but will be worth it. Explain in your cover letter. Don’t leave potential-employers wondering and risk them dismissing your application. Over explaining is counter productive, a simple sentence will suffice: “I am relocating to Dallas to be near famil

Congratulations to Point Park: Plans Unveiled for Media Center

Point Park University has announced plans for a state-of-the-art media center in their downtown Pittsburgh campus. The space will function both to develop and display student work. Point Park is joining with the Allegheny Foundation and Trib Total Media to strengthen training in journalism and communication education. To read more and see photos visit their website.

Veterans: National Treasure and Company Asset

Today is a day to pause and honor our veterans. On this Veterans Day we also wanted to highlight the skills they bring to the marketplace, as explored in this article by Forbes. Members of the Armed forces hone skills and cultivate character which are transferable to the civilian workforce. We want to hear from you! How is your company or university serving veterans? Join us on social media to discuss.

Are You Asking Illegal Interview Questions?

When conducting interviews it’s both legally and ethically imperative to avoid discrimination. Often seemingly benign questions intended as small talk can point to information about race, religion, sex, age, or national origin. Give yourself an ethical audit by checking yourself for the following questions. Age Don’t ask this: “When did you graduate high school?” Instead, ask this: “If hired, can you furnish proof of age?” Disability Don’t ask this: “Do you have any disabilities?” Instead, ask this: “Are you able to perform all job functions?” Family Don’t ask this: “Do you plan on having kids?” Instead, ask this: “How long do you plan to stay in your next position and are there any anticipa

Council of Independent Colleges Annual Conference

The 43rd Annual Institute for Chief Academic Officers kicks off Saturday in Baltimore! We are looking forward to the sessions and will be contributing to the following events: The College Presidency: Why and How? Sunday Cheryl will be a panelist on College Presidency. There is a trend of chief academic officers being reticent to assume presidencies. We will explore the reasons why and challenge the assumptions behind them. Cheryl will be joined by Jennifer Muller, Vice President of Academic Keys and Susan Resneck Pierce, President Emerita of University of Puget Sound and President of SRP Consulting. Luncheon and Discussion Groups for Women CAOs. Cheryl will be hosting a table at the luncheon

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