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Happy Halloween!

Will your campus make this year's list of the top 10 most epic Halloween celebrations? Have a little spooky fun reading through this list that Her Campus compiled of last years top campus celebrations!

Women in Academic Leadership

It’s nearly time for the 43rd Annual Institute for Chief Academic Officers. Being able to connect with other individuals who share your passions and face similar challenges is rejuvenating. We are particularly looking forward to the Luncheon and Discussion Groups for Women CAOs. It should be a beneficial time of connection and conversation. Join us November 7-10 in Baltimore. Let us know if you are going to be there! We’d love to see you.

CIC Institute: The Role of the Spouse or Partner in a Search Process

We can’t wait for the 43rd Annual Institute for Chief Academic Officers. It will be a valuable time of gathering likeminded individuals. The discussion facilitated is always stimulating. On Monday of the conference Cheryl will be leading a discussion of the role of a partner in a search process. There are unique pressures faced by couples in when evaluating employment opportunities, particularly when both individuals in a couple have a career trajectory. See the full schedule, including the track specific for CAOs-CAdOs spouses and partners here. Join us November 7-10 in Baltimore. Let us know if you are going to be there! We’d love to see you.

Faculty Fired from Hocking College for Inadequate Credentials

Earlier this summer Hocking College, a 2-year college in Nelsonville Ohio released thirteen members of their faculty for lack of credentials, including some who lacked a bachelor's degree. It’s an interesting issue in light of the discussion about the increasing imperative for young people to obtain a college degree to be competitive in the workforce. You can read a full account from The Athens Messenger and then tweet us your thoughts @HyattFennell

The College Presidency: Why and How?

43rd Annual Institute for Chief Academic Officers Is quickly approaching in November. Cheryl will be a panelist on College Presidency. There is a trend of chief academic officers reticent to assume presidencies. We will explore the reasons why and challenge the assumptions behind them. Cheryl will be joined by Jennifer Muller, Vice President of Academic Keys and Susan Resneck Pierce, President Emerita of University of Puget Sound and President of SRP Consulting. Read more and make plans to attend here. Join us November 7-10 in Baltimore. Let us know if you are going to be there! We’d love to see you.

Resume Regrets

The good folks over at Monster made a list of the Top 10 Resume mistakes, all of which are far too common. One of my resume pet peeves is when individuals send a resume as a Word document and the formatting is lost upon opening. Sending a resume as a PDF avoids this and ensures the recipient will see just what you sent. What resume mistakes do you see most often? Which ones are worth overlooking and which are automatic deal breakers? Tweet to us @HyattFennell ​

​He Named Me Malala​

A film important to your students, important to education communities worldwide opens this week. He Named Me Malala is a film exploring the powerful story of 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Malala Youaafzai. This brave 15 year-old took a stand for the rights of women’s education, raising the ire of the Taliban who sought her out and shot her three times on her school bus, including in the head. Her advocacy and assassination attempt brought global recognition to the fact that over 60 million girls around the world are not in school. In a country where education is compulsory, it is hard to conceive of cultures where education is not only discouraged, but punished for one segment of the pop

Digital Tools for Change Management

Change is difficult, as anyone who has ever made–and subsequently broken–a New Year’s resolution knows. When attempting to effect change on an institutional instead of just individual level, the challenge compounds. Our very own Dr. Marylouise Fennell, RSM came across this article from McKinsey & Company on digital tools for change management and wanted to share. What did you find most helpful in the article? Jump over to social media to let us know!

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