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Making Sure Your Next Executive Search Is Mobile Friendly

Mobile Matters Google announced earlier this year that we’ve reached a mobile tipping-point: “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers.” Consider that with the fact that Google recently changed their algorithm to prioritize sites that are mobile responsive and it’s clear that if your career page doesn’t take mobile into account, you are missing out on qualified candidates. Even for Hiring BenefitsPro reports that “70 percent of job seekers use mobile devices when searching for positions.” Candidates are often looking on-the-go and if your site is not optimized for mobile, they won’t stick around and may not return on a desktop site. SimplyHired has found that “40 p

5 Effective Interview Questions from the Top

Interviews are an inherent and inherently limited part of the hiring process. Being strategic in your approach is essential to getting an accurate sense of the candidate and a clear picture of their fitness for the position. Below are interview questions from individuals a the height of their field. “What is the latest thing you’ve learned on the job?” (Andrew Felev, CEO of Wrike) “Tell me something that's true, that almost nobody agrees with you on." (Peter Thiel, cofounder of PayPal) “What percentage of your life do you control?” (Mitch Rothschild, CEO of Vitals) “If you woke up and had 2,000 unread emails and could only answer 300 of them how would you choose which ones to answer?” (Dropb

Three Ways to Promote Your Brand and Reputation in Recruiting Efforts.

Recruiting qualified and competent talent is key for any organization. Finding employees who are good is not enough: they must also be a good fit for your organization. By being clear about your brand, you can save time and effort both on your part and that of potential employees. Here are three tips to help you hone your message so that it will yield ideal matches in hiring. Evaluate and understand your mission. After years of recruiting it’s easy to be so rehearsed in your pitch that it becomes rote. Take a step back to consider your organization. What makes you unique? How are you differentiated from your competitors? What do your clients appreciate about you? Why do your employees stick

The Care Component: 3 Things to Consider when Applying to a Faith-Based Institution

Religious organizations have a robust track-record of helping their communities. Currently 70% of food pantries are run by faith-based entities. Many faith-based nonprofits have established networks of support that make them uniquely qualified to reach their target group. Working with an organization pursuing such a noble cause can yield profound meaning. If you are thinking about a job with a faith-based organization, there is an additional element to the technical qualifications and industry experience required at other jobs: care. Being passionate about an organization's mission is key for a good fit in the nonprofit world. Here are three guidelines as you think through the suitability of

A Tip of the Hat...

Tip of the hat to to the work of Hyatt-Fennell client Neumann University who are hosting a conference on family that includes a Papal Visit in Philadelphia this September. Read full details here.

Join us on Social Media...

The internet is awash in data. There are plenty of people saying things, but few that are worth listening to. When we come across a helpful resource, we like to share it. This booklet from Inside Higher Ed features interesting articles and in-depth essays that explore the current HR trends in educational institutions. After you’ve read it, join us on social media to tell us what you found most helpful.

Cover Letter Caution: Don’t Make a Costly Mistake

The average job search consists of dozens–even hundreds–of applications sent before securing a position (At the extreme end, Google has been noted to be exponentially harder to get into than Harvard, hiring less than 1% of applicants.). The sheer volume of resumes and cover letters makes it high-risk for mistakes. It can be tempting to become a copy-and-paste Quick Draw McGraw, hitting every posted position with your stock wording. This can can have results that are ineffective at best and catastrophic at worst. Companies receive hoards of applications for each posting, only 20% of those, on average, get an interview. You are not helping yourself stand out but using language generic enough t

3 Tips to Boost Alumni Engagement

Last month we discussed important principles to remember as you interact with your alumni. This month we want to highlight practical strategies to improve your alumni engagement by getting three different groups involved. Career Services Engagement. A positive way to get recent graduates engaged is by having career services share tips and relevant positions. Being a resource as students transition out of academic life into career will demonstrate your value and prompt them to think of you as a place to turn for help. Faculty Engagement. The online platform Reddit popularized AMAs: Ask Me Anything sessions where celebrities or experts field questions from an online audience. As we mentioned l

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