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What to Do When You've Lost an Executive Position

The departure of an executive is disruptive. Whether through a decision on the part of the company, employee, or a tragic loss, There is bound to be a dose of stress and uncertainty associated with the transition. In the midst of the fluidity, here are four solid tips. Activate your interim plan. It is important to anticipate this possibility in advance so that you have a clear procedure in place. Take some time at your next board meeting to solidify a contingency plan for an unexpected opening. Choose your search committee carefully. Be strategic with the individuals you select to be a part of the search committee. Be attuned to diverse representation to provide a multiplicity of perspectiv

Can Your Praise Do More Harm than Good?

While campuses are currently quiet, save for the occasional summer session, soon halls will again swarm with students. As we anticipate their return and the school year to follow, we wanted to highlight this article from the The Chronicle of Higher Education on the importance of what we compliment when we praise students. Read the article here as we contemplate constructive and strategic ways of interacting with our students.

Audience Poll: What Makes a Great Leader

Glassdoor recently released their rankings of CEOs. Larry Page, CEO of Google, grabbed the top spot, earning an impressive 97% for opportunities to work on interesting projects with the best in the industry, all in a unique and thriving environment (the free meals got more than a few mentions!). We want to hear from you! Share insights from your perspective about what strong leaders can do to earn, and keep, your respect as an employee.

The Value of Predictive Analytics for Hiring

One of the byproducts of the increasing automation of the workforce is the sheer amount of data now available on everything from employee retention rates by department to the number of emails sent by an individual employee. Predictive analytics leverages the data available to show trends and predict outcomes. While such metrics have been more readily adopted in areas such as employee training or incentives, human resources is beginning to awaken to the value of the data available. Here are three areas to think about as you implement predictive analytics in your hiring process. Know what you need. Use predictive analytics to pinpoint what is missing in your organization. Not exclusively in te

What could be better than a relaxing day at the beach?

Dr. Judith Phagan, chair of St. Joseph's College of New York's Department of English, shares her list of great books to read this summer. 1. Station Eleven: A Novel by Emily St. John Mandel 2. My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante Europa Editions 3. Ten Thousand Saints by Eleanor Henderson 4. Skippy Dies: A Novel by Paul Murray 5. Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Leave a comment and tell us YOUR top five summer books. Read more:

Alumni Engagement: How to Enlist Alumni to Boost Your Brand

All too often alumni engagement sounds like a chirpy holiday letter from aunt Martha: a recent graduate received this award, current students went on this trip, and so on and so forth. While this may have been the pattern of alumni newsletters of previous decades, universities are missing out on the vibrant and valuable world of social media when they take this strategy. While news is an essential element of the equation, organizations must have a more robust approach to engagement to be successful in social media. Here are some guidelines to broaden your reach. Be a resource. Social media is founded on a social contract of reciprocity. If you are asking for the time and attention of your fo

Succession Planning for Family Businesses

We recently discussed that summer is an excellent time for succession planning. Family business face added complexities on an already challenging process. This article from Chief Executive Magazine outlines some of the key approaches for family-run businesses.

4 Things to be Grateful for on 4th of July

As we enter into Independence Day weekend, we wanted to pause and salute the advances in American hiring practices that have brought greater equality to the American workforce. 1. Equal Pay Act. In 1963 John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law. Building on the Fair Labor Standards Act, it sought to target wage inequality between the genders. While advances have been made, the pay gap between men and women persists as a problem we are still addressing five decades later. 2. Civil Rights Act of 1964. A key outgrowth of the Civil Rights Movement, this law took a bold and clear stance outlawing discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin in schools, wor

Successful Vetting for Successful Candidates

Finding a new president for your organization is a time-consuming process. It can wear on the attention span of even the most patient soul. However, taking your time and being careful with your steps pays off in the long run. Before you begin taking a closer look at candidates, pause to examine your process. Here are three tips to help you and your candidates navigate the process smoothly. 1. Question strategically. If you ask stock questions, you are likely to get stock answers. Be thoughtful about the questions you pose to references. It’s also vital to be focused: vary your questions depending on the nature of the reference to get the most pertinent and meaningful information. 2. Check so

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