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Are You Hiring Smart?

We love this quick hiring practices tune-up from Fast Company. It takes just a minute to watch (literally!). What tips were good reminders for you? Join us on social media to share your favorites.

Five Unethical Hiring Practices That Will Sink Your Credibility, Possibly Your Career!

Hiring is a difficult task. Trying to get an accurate picture of someone through a piece of paper and discrete amount of time is challenging. As you evaluate potential employees, it’s also important to evaluate your hiring practices. Far too many companies slip into methods that are inefficient or even unethical! 1. Be aware of applicant pool. Did you post the job for external applicants? While recommendations from existing staff are valuable information that should be considered, be careful that you don’t default to nepotism out of laziness. 2. Be aware of time demands. Rushing through an interview process is unwise, but drawing one on too long can be unfair. Having an applicant interview s

5 Things Not to Do to an Employee on Vacation

American’s are taking less vacation than ever. A recent study indicated that 40% of workers allow paid vacation days to go unused, often the result of employers subtly (or not so subtly) condemning time off and fostering a workaholic culture. Yet, this is counterproductive and even detrimental. Employees who take vacations are more productive and fulfilled at their jobs than those who don’t. Valuing breaks starts at the top. Don’t fall into these all-too-common situations: Discourage them from taking it. This can be anything from joking comments about them being a slacker to having such heavy workloads that employees feel unable to escape. Give them assignments to work on. A vacation doesn’t

Good Managers Trust Ideas

No one likes a micromanager. Having a superior dictate, hover over, and second guess your every action is a sure-fire way to kill morale. But relinquishing control can be hard and scary. Managers are in leadership positions because they have a vision–trusting someone else with that vision can be a challenge. While it may feel easier to handle things yourself, here are three reasons that trusting the ideas from your staff is better for both of you. Improves morale. When you actively listen to your staff they feel valued–this goes double when you make the effort to seek out feedback and include them in decisions. Fostering a culture of trust and respect will improve communication and cooperati

Universities Work together to Serve and Share Students

Two Pittsburgh universities have partnered to offer a seamless BSN. Join us on social media to share your stories about successful collaboration! A shout out to CarlowU and UPMC School of Nursing for working together for the health of our region!

Summer is a Good Time for Succession Planning

Summer brings an automatic and drastic change on college campuses. This creates space in schedules but also space for reflection that can be directed to succession planning. There are a myriad of practical steps to succession planning, but all are buttressed with philosophical underpinnings. It’s an aspect that is too often glossed over–with adverse results. Here are some tips to help you integrate succession planning into your summer rhythms. Think about institutional values. Effective succession planning is about a clear understanding of the broad picture and the relationship of individual elements to the whole. Spend time reflecting on the values of your organization. Don’t rush this! Wha

Worst Job Interview Ever!

Interviews are nerve wracking, but our fears are usually unfounded. Even if a job offer is not extended, interviewees usually successfully navigate an interview unscathed by calamity...usually. We have heard from a few Pittsburghers whose interviews were fraught with mishaps. These experiences can stick with us even when they strike early in our working career. Christian from Bloomfield relates his orthographic embarrassment when his interviewer questioned an item from his application: “The interviewer smugly asked me why I had requested ‘mininimum wage.’ I didn't get the job but I never misspelled minimum again.” Interviewers like to keep us on our toes–and sometimes even keep them tapping.

Did You Know that Benedictine is the Country's Fastest-Growing University?

In 2014, The Chronicle of Higher Education ranked Benedictine University as the No.1 fastest-growing campus in the country among private nonprofit doctoral institutions between 2002-2012. Get to know the University that's: 1. Accommodating non-traditional students. Benedictine values diversity in their student body and realizes that college doesn’t always come in a discrete four-year dose. They have flexible programs available online to fit any schedule and student. 2. Spanning the globe. Students have the opportunity to study abroad in China or Vietnam. BenU is allowing students to become more conversant in our increasingly global society. 3. On the field. Benedictine has expanded its di

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