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3 Tips for Succession Planning in Higher Education

The American Council on Education reports that “58% of today's college presidents are over the age of 61." Succession planning has long been a practice in the corporate world, but has become increasingly essential in higher education. Here are some tips for effective practices. 1. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Succession planning should be considered a forethought, not an afterthought. Start before you need to. This isn’t an objective you are trying to meet, but a culture you are working to cultivate and doing that takes time. 2. Create a culture. Take a step back; effective succession planning is not narrowly focused on a few individuals or select roles, it’s an organization- wide endeavo

Visualization for Successful Interviews

Athletes have long known the value of visualization for competition. We think interviewing is another ideal application. Inherent in interviewing are some nerves, even for veterans. When you reach those moments in an interview of wondering, “how is this going?” often it can lead to a cascade of worry, “Did I say the right thing? Is my interviewer looking bored?” which can negatively affect confidence and, in turn, performance. If you have gone in with a default setting of self-doubt, you will likely perform in-line with your expectations. Visualization allows you to swap your default setting. Preparing for an interview with visualization doesn’t need to be complicated or involved. To begin,

Elements of a Good Email Signature

It’s a common occurrence: you have an email from a colleague open and want to give them a call to discuss something, only to find that their number is not listed in their email signature–if they have one at all. We can take a cue from the story of Goldilocks and the three bears for a good rule of thumb for email signatures. 1. Not too short. The ultimate expression of too short, is no email signature. Other signatures lack pertinent information such as a phone number. Think through the information that would be most helpful for your recipients to reference. 2. Not too long. While you shouldn’t omit information that recipients might need, you also shouldn’t load your signature down with all y

Current Climate in Executive Searches

Technology has long driven workplace change, and we appear to be at another phase of tectonic shift. On this Follow Friday, we wanted to bring you a few thoughts from experts in the field about the implications of the evolving landscape on executive searches. 1. Information Interest. CEO of CTPartners, Brian Sullivan notes that with the monsoons of information flooding companies, certain roles are in higher demand: “We are seeing a proliferation of executive-level roles borne out of the global influence of big data. Businesses are looking for leaders who can not only understand the massive amounts of information available to them but also identify the threats and opportunities that come as a

Benefit to Society

One of the heartening trends in business has been the growing momentum of benefit corporations. B-corps make positive social-impact an explicit and legal part of the way an organization is structured. Organization such as cleaning-products manufacturer Seventh Generation and sporting-goods retailer Patagonia have led the charge. Other popular companies such as Warby Parker have joined the fray. We wanted to share these two articles with you on benefit corporations and get your take. What should the interplay of profit and philanthropy be in companies?

Power Poses for a Better Interview

The folks at TED are always bringing thought-provoking ideas to our attention. Today we wanted to highlight this lecture from Amy Cuddy on the power of posture. Try using two minutes of power-poses before your next interview to be calmer and more confident. Have you employed power poses? Tweet at us @HyattFennell to tell us about your experience!

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Interview Clothing

You landed an interview! Congratulations on the hard-work that got you this far. There is a lot of prep-work that goes into an interview–researching the company, preparing questions–and it’s easy for the question of what to wear to become a secondary consideration. Rather than having one set interviewing suit, below are some tips for thinking through the best selection for each interview. 1. Know your audience. The research you do on a company in crafting your cover letter and selecting your interview questions should also be borne out in your wardrobe choice. A law-firm with a long legacy warrants a more traditional choice than a tech start-up. Tailor your outfit to the corporate culture. 2

Mentors for Collegiates

It is both anecdotally acknowledged and empirically supported that mentors have a positive outcome on professional development and career trajectories. Many universities are integrating this into the educational curriculum. We’ve recently run across programs at Benedictine University, Rivier University, and College of Mount Saint Vincent. Participants report that participation in the program gave them confidence and real-world knowledge that enhanced their classwork. Have you had mentors in your career? Would you have benefited from having mentors as part of your academic course? Are you a mentor yourself? Join us on social media @HyattFennell to discuss. @BenU_Alumni @RivUniversity @MountSt

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