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The Tenured Entrepreneur

In his recent article in the Chronicle, Sam Johnson argues for the case that there is no reason to approach a career path to tenured track with any less savvy than other industries. Particularly given the funding squeeze than many higher education institutions are facing, faculty must be their own advocates and innovators. They must, he argues, recognize their place in a market place and leverage their skills accordingly. The author feels strongly enough about this to speak out, but given the current climate, does so under a pseudonym, which itself speaks volumes about the current climate. Do you think the solution lies in faculty–even tenured faculty–looking outside university walls in parl

Office Floor Plans: Open and Closed Case?

There has been a strong trend recently to move away from the more regimented office organization in favor of a more organic, open floor-plan. Central to the idea is the thinking that such an arrangement facilitates interaction and promotes creativity. Proponents point out that cubicles offer little actual privacy, while interrupting meaningful communication; the worst of both worlds. Why not have a floor plan where the office can function as a whole, senior members rubbing shoulders with interns rather than stratified and insular existences that choke innovation. There is an equally strong backlash against open floor-plans. Critics say that the downsides far outstrip the benefits. The distra

3 Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile: Make it the Best Complement to Your Resume

It is easy to let your LinkedIn profile gather dust, but it is important to keep it up-to-date to increase your visibility for current associates and future employers. Below are three simple steps you can take to hone your profile to better serve your career goals. 1. Use a photo. Profiles with photos get 14 times the views of those without. Be sure to use work-appropriate photos. Take time to crop it so that it fits well in the aspect ratio and check the thumbnail preview LinkedIn provides to see how it will display. 2. Take advantage of notifications. LinkedIn regularly sends notifications when your connections have work anniversaries or new positions. These provide excellent and natural o

The State of Higher Education

High school seniors everywhere are watching their mailboxes for acceptance letters. They aren’t the only ones talking about college. Higher education has been receiving a lot of attention lately; from the emphasis the Obama administration has placed on community college, to the discussions of rising tuition rates. In this article Janet Napolitano discusses some of the factors in play in the current climate of higher education and makes the case that it is on solid footing. Napolitano discusses the implications, integration–and limitations–of technology, while calling for a return to the fundamental ideology and aim of our higher education institutions. What do you think of the points made? J

Spring Cleaning Your Resume

In addition to sorting through boxes in basements and digging into the back of unused closets, spring is an excellent time to take a fresh look at your resume. We have 5 tips to keep it current for your next search. 1. Theme. Take a step back and look at your resume as a whole. Does it tell a cohesive narrative? The statement in your objective should be reflected in the descriptions you highlight and way you describe job duties. 2. Formatting. Most of us update our resumes along way. That can make for some Frankenstein formatting. Look aesthetically at your resume: Are your indentations uniform? Do you use bullets in one list and numbers in another? Are you consistent in your use of a serial

Sharper than ever. Part 3 in a Series

Got the interview? Research and prepare completely. When preparing for an interview, it's more important to hone skills to a sharper degree than ever before. Soft skills, like carrying on a well-paced conversation with an interviewers can be the difference between landing a desired position or not. Research is a must. Knowing as much as possible about the college or university counts a lot. Be sure to study the website of the college or university to understand its mission and culture. Spend time navigating the site to retrieve more information, especially about the area/department of interest. Higher education institutions distribute news releases online so check these out and learn about t

Three Tips for a Winning Interview

Once you’ve done the work of applying for the job and received a call for a meeting, the preparation for the interview begins. In addition to the more obvious choices of what to wear and giving consideration to questions you want to ask your interviews, it’s important not to overlook some of the underlying aspects of the interview. 1. Breathe. Even for the most proficient, interviewing can be nerve wracking. When you take deep breaths, it cues your body to relax, reversing the adrenaline rushes that often accompany interviews. Checking in with your breath is an excellent way to remain calm and centered during an interview. 2. Smile. Remember that you are glad to be there! One of the best way

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