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Visiting with Good Friends...

Cheryl Hyatt enjoys visiting with good friends Scott Miller, President of Bethany College, and Michael Mihalyo, President of Davis and Elkins, in Washington, DC.

What College Grads Seeking Jobs in Higher Education Can Do to Sharpen Their Interview Skills. - By

The tight economy has been no friend of college grads seeking higher-ed jobs in recent years. The economy is still not improving at a rate fast enough to accommodate the multitude of these young job seekers fresh out of college. According to the latest report from HigherEdJobs, the number of jobs in higher education ticked upward in the 3rd quarter of 2014 by 3,200 jobs, but this change was minor compared with the 57,500 higher education jobs lost between 2013 and 2014. Considering this competitive environment, today’s college grads need to hone their interview skills more than ever before. Soft skills, like carrying on a well-paced conversation with an interviewer with good give and take c

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