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What to Do After You Complete Your Interview with a Search Committee (Third in a Series)

You’ve completed your interview with the search committee, and you’re on your way home. “Good interview,” you think to yourself. “Now’s the time to relax.” Well, not exactly. Shortly after you return home, do one more thing. Send a thank-you note to each search-committee member. The search committee will discuss your interview and credentials and decide whether you are or are not a fit for the position and get back to you within one day to one week. In the meantime, if you have questions, it’s good protocol to discuss these with the consultant who’s worked with you during your position-search process, not a member of the search committee. It’s incumbent on you to mail or email a thank-you no

9 Ways to Make a Hit During the Interview Process (Second in a Series)

Do’s and don’ts – and other common sense issues that need to be said out loud So you’ve made your way into the interview room and greeted all the members of the search committee. And you’ve found your seat without tripping over something or yourself! Congratulations! Now comes the fun part. Just as you’ve prepared for your interview by wearing appropriate attire, you must also prepare for success during the interview. This will lead to success in the job. Be concise and complete. Members of a search committee have plenty of questions prepared. Although you want to share everything with them, be conscious of the time. Don’t drone on for 20 minutes about yourself and all the positions you’

Eight Ways to Make a Hit with a Search Committee (First in a series)

There are two times when it’s good to look for a position: When you need a job and will take an executive position at a college or university for the money. When you’re happy and not looking to leave your position. Someone may approach you about a position, or you read about a position that looks perfect for you, or you want to move up to the next level. You can land a position either way, but as a prospective candidate, you need to make sure to come across attractively to a search committee from the first moment you walk through the door. Experience has taught search committees what to watch for in a candidate. Most institutions they represent look for someone with gravitas and expertise. T

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